Never Ending Frustrations

M1 is not pregnant.

Monday morning they called me to get a hold of her. I told the person calling that M1 relayed she had called several times, left multiple numbers and no one returns called. The office said very simply to me “There are no records of her returning any of our calls. We have talked to you several times but never spoken with her.” OK soo now my blood is boiling and I suspect that this whole thing has been a farce. I give them the number to the house she is living at and then text her and let her know they will be calling her. She told me she was on the phone with them now.

I contacted her later on, about two hours and she told me that they had to call her back they had no appointments available. OK look the office called me to make an appointment, clearly they had appointments what is the meaning of all this crap. I tell her to call them back immediately and let me know the date and time of the appointment. She waits a few more hours then tells me the appointment is for Wed at 2:30pm. I ask if she wants me to come there with her and she hems and haws. Eventually she decides she does want me to show up.

So I get to the office at 2:13pm and wait. She messages me at 2:20 wanting to know where I am. I tell her that I am at the office waiting. She messages me back that there is no office where she is. Turns out she is in the wrong location. I tell her where she is suppose to be and she get super ugly nasty with me. I want desperately to walk out. I want to say “f** you, I don’t need this crap.” but I need the truth so I hold my tongue. She contacts me again at 2:30 to tell me she is lost. I get directions from the nurse in front of me and again she starts to holler at me. I hang up, not dealing with this. She texts me moments later that she wants to punch boytoy’s mom. I don’t reply, she is not listening no point wasting my breath.

2:50 she finally shows. I advice her that she might not be seen because she is so late. She cops an attitude as big as she is and then checks in. They decide to let the nurse see her and not the doctor. Hmmmm weird, something is not adding up. I ask her if she wants me to come inside with her and she said yes. We go back and they put her on the scale. She has gained 23 pounds in the last three months. She looks at me shocked and said “Well its because I am pregnant.” I look at her, umm nope doesn’t look that way to me.

They tell me they are going to do a pregnancy test. I say nothing. Why on earth would they be doing that, M1 told me she went to the ER and they gave her one and that she was still probably pregnant. While waiting I tell her and boytoy that if the test is negative we need to have a conversation about contraception. M1 was mortified that I sat there and with no expression discussed with her and boytoy that I did understand they were having relations, did not support their decision but that pregnancy was not something that either one could deal with right now. I pointed all of boytoys alleged plans and he begrudgingly agreed that it might be a good idea. I told him point blank, wear a freaking condom. I told M1 we would talk about birth control in private and in detail once this appointment was done. She looked at me and said “Mom do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to have you talking about the fact we are having sex is?” I laughed and said “Well I don’t care, wrap it up and take your pill.”

The nurse comes in and confirms the test was negative. She then says “As you were told almost two weeks ago, you are not pregnant. Your levels are not high and they are continuing to drop so it is doubtful you ever were pregnant.” OMG my blood is boiling. So I ask the nurse why the levels might have risen and she said it could be hormonal. She said they would do more blood work to ensure they are dropping but if they did not then maybe these were her normal levels. OMG I want to strangle her but the relief that we missed this bullet is too much and I keep my mouth shut. We go to get bloodwork and she looks at me and says “Well I can still be pregnant right. I mean the urine tests are negative but the blood test could still prove I am positive right?” I looked at her and said “Look M1 its over. You are not pregnant, you may never have been pregnant and you will not be pregnant even with this blood work. We are doing blood work to ensure your  levels have decreased or determine if this is your normal range.”

I go to leave and see that J has a scowl on her face, well she will be happy soon. Boytoy scowls at me as I get up and I said to him “Use a freaking condom, got it” he mumbled to me and I walked away. I told M1 I loved her and we would talk to her soon. I went to leave and the profound sadness of her situation hit me. She is going to go back, by her choice to a hugely stressful environment which is probably why she is eating non stop. I can’t stop her but boy do I wish she would come out for a few days to get some sleep and then maybe get a newer perspective.

Sigh….just keep praying and thanking the holy high roller we dodged this one for now.

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