Continued Drama

So last Saturday, M2, N and I were at Tae Kwon Do testing. M2 did not test as she refused to show her forms but I told her she had to be there to support her  peers in the class. She was mad but understood. I spent most of the day judging and at one point we had a small break while the older students went to get there sparring gear on. I see my BFF with my phone and she is saying “OK OK give me a second I will get your Mom.” I yell to her and wave so she can see me. She hands me the phone saying “your oldest.”

M1 is in tears and hysterical, “I think I lost the baby. I think I miscarried what do I do?” OK crap what to say. I try to get her to focus on calming down, asking her why she thinks this and where is J. It is not that I would not have left immediately but I was an hour and a half away from where she was staying so there was a time issue. M1 told me that J was in route and would bring her to the hospital. She then yelled at me “Don’t you dare f*** come!!!” I asked her why and she said “I don’t f*** want you any where near me!!!”

OK look you called my phone, and I am trying to calm you down. I have said not jack squat since this whole mess began and yet you continue to shut me out. I ask her several times and she gets more irate so I stop. I tell her I will call her when I am done with my test and she agreed to pick up the phone. No not ideal but I will take what I can get. I tell her a few hundred times I love her and want to support her but she refuses to process any of it. Before I hang up I repeat that I loved her and hoped she would be all right.

I call later that night and ask her what they said. She claims they told her nothing and that they did not know if she was still pregnant. I asked if they did an ultrasound and she said yet but they could not tell anything. I asked if they did bloodwork and she said they still could not tell if she lost the baby. I asked her if she was still experiencing bleeding and she said yes. She tells me she has to call the OBGYN on Monday. I reinforce it is important to get follow up care especially since so much appeared to be not known. Honestly though I thought she was not being truthful, how could they do a uterine ultrasound and not see a fetus? Oh well I have never had kids so maybe I don’t know as much as I think I do.

I text her on Monday afternoon and she texts me several hours later and tells me she just got up. I asked her to call immediately and she says she will find the number. I text her an hour later and she tells me that they don’t pick up. I call the number and while you did have to wait for a bit someone did pick up. I called M1 and told her hang on someone will answer. She swore up and down no one would ever pick up or that she had to leave a message or she got disconnected. All right, I literally  just talked to them something is strange. Tuesday, Wednesday same story can’t get through, can’t get a message and they don’t call her back. OK now I am suspicious, Thursday they call me twice and I both times call her and tell her that she needs to call them back ASAP.

I talked to her today and she says she did not get through, she was leaving messages and no one was answering her. I suggested she leave the number that she was actually at instead of my cell phone. She claims she did leave all the numbers and she has no idea why they won’t talk to her. OK now I am totally suspicious of this.  What doctors office does this? Did I mention it is the hospital OBGYN and so far they have had no issues contacting me and I have had no issues calling them. So I said something to this effect to M1 and she immediately started cursing me out and telling me what a miserable human being I am. Of course it is my issue, when is it not?

So I am not sure what is going on. Part of me believes that she knows she is no longer pregnant but does not want it confirmed, part of me now questions as to whether she ever was. I know I am wrong to judge but I don’t find this lifestyle fun. Today she posted what a wonderful relationship she has to finally have love. M2 spent the day with her and told me about their fights, him running off and her swearing she would leave him. Even tonight after posting that and confirming she was not coming home again, because she was “so stressed and just needed to sleep” she broadcasts on Facebook how marvelous the relationship is.

Please holy high roller open her eyes to her reality. Give me the patience to deal with the never ending roller coaster ride and the ability to hold my tongue so I don’t say things which are hurtful and callous.

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