Why, just why?

Today M1 decided after being away from the house for a week and a half that I should allow her friend to move in with her into my home. When I tried to explain the stupidity behind letting a stranger move in with us, she went from almost pleasant to psychotic in just a few short moments. She ripped me a new orifice and refused to talk to me again. I am so tired of this, truly I am.

I then was graced by herself and she was almost kind to start and then within minutes she was screaming at me. When confronted with this fact she said was “only raising her voice not yelling” OK and all I am doing is getting tired of listening. She yelled and cursed and swore some more. When I tried to explain that a stranger moving in was not safe she raged and raged she knew her she was not a stranger and on and on. I then told her that if her friend was acting like her I did not want her in my house. I explained that I could not handle two teenagers being incredibly abusive to me and treating me like a piece of crap.

Holy hades did it hit the fan though. She called me a bunch of names I cannot even type to you. Told me I was a piece of crap, she hated me and she was never coming back. She then went into the yard and raged at her boyfriend like a lunatic. Boytoy decides to fake an illness for attention, I walk out because hell it is freezing cold and I am done with drama. I talk him off the fence, talk Marissa off the roof and come back inside. Did I mention I have bronchitis so now I cannot even talk. Seriously my voice is done. Boytoy is fine M1 calms the freak down and then M2 starts raging.

I should mention it is 9:20pm.

I don’t even know what do to anymore. She is so out of control and when I try to get her help she runs. I want her home but her out of control behavior and downright crappy attitude is more then I want to deal with. Yes I told her she has mental health issues. She screamed at me she was bi-polar. I asked if she was taking meds she said no. What else can I do this lifestyle is just nuts.

So what did I do…well looked up resources for the young lady who confirmed via her mom that her step-dad did kick her out. Got her a safe place to spend the night and a contact to transfer to a school in the area her friends are living in. Choked bad thousands of tears as I kept M2 safe while she was raging. Kissed N good night and now retired to the couch to cry. Seriously just cry. M1 took off again and I know she is with boytoy but not sure if she is returning. I would look into PINS for her but the last time she was on that they blamed me for everything. I am wondering if I can do a non consensual inpatient stay and if I could get her pediatrician to back me up on it. Kid needs mental health help. I need mental health help, cripes.

OK sorry I just totally vented. I am pulling it together now. The ironic part of this whole day is that literally today the sermon was about boundaries. The Rector preached that we cannot allow ourselves to get pulled into another person’s hole by constantly trying to meet their needs. All I could think was, what if that person who was pulling us into the hole was our child. What do you do then?

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  1. :::hugs::: Dealing with a mentally ill child is one of the circles of hell. Not being able to make her take the help she desperately needs, and then on top of that not being able to set a boundary to keep the craziness out of your home, forcing you and your other kids to live in her chaos. When does she turn 18?

  2. Oh honey I’m just so sorry. I agree with you that she may need to be Hospitalized. I’m not sure about NY but here in CT they can be transported by ambulance to ER (we pick one affiliated with an inpatient psychiatric ward.) If the child is a danger to themselves and others, and the issue is ongoing (ie cant be fixed by an overnight stay) then they can be hospitalized up to 18. After that it’s voluntary.

    I don’t know about your state. Idk if they’ve done it before. I’m not sure if she could get good referrals out of it or not. They could help her stabilize in meds though. Does she have the BP diagnosis? If she does that may help to convince them of an inpatient stay.

    I’m really sorry. Sending hugs from CT.

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