Attempted Vacation

I just got back from Florida. Yep you read that right. M2, N and I all went to Florida to escape the insanity of our lives in upstate NY. The trip was planned several months ago but the drama M1 made for us prior to leaving was a motivating factor to get out the door. We were suppose to leave on Friday after work, well M1 threw a huge tantrum about having to go to Grandma’s house, she has school blah blah. I told her that I would get her a train ride on Tuesday after school and Grandma would pick her up and she again tantrummed, swore and treated all of us like we were the basis for all that is evil in the world. I had had it, I told her I knew she was staying home to spend time with boytoy and she was picking him over us. She denied it, claimed they broke up, he was abusive and on and on. I believed none of it.

Saturday we fly down to Florida and the girls seem visibly relieved. We were tired after the insanely early flight but had a wonderful time at Disney first, then having dinner with my sister and her family. We went swimming and then back to Disney for the fireworks which did not disappoint.

Sunday I get a phone call at 9am and I hear “Ms. ANYM, this is state trooper xxxx. I am calling you because your neighbors were concerned as the door to your house was open. I went inside and no one was home. Nothing seemed out of place or missing but if you were robbed then please let us know when you come home. I assume you are not at home as the neighbors said it has been two days open.” OK my heart sunk at his first sentence then I was mildly relieved with his second and remaining sentences. I told him I was in Florida and would call when I returned if there was an issue. I also thanked him and said if he knew the neighbor who called could he thank them for me. OK good news nothing is missing. Bad news, where are the cats and my daughter. Of course I assume my daughter is at boytoy’s house but the cats….well only holy high roller knew that answer. A series of frantic calls later and by evening three of four cats had been found. M1 had been located and when confronted about her location she said she was at a friends house .

Despite all that we toured Epcot and had a blast with my sister and her family. We laughed and had a ton of fun because even though I was worried about the pets, I had faith all would come back eventually. We did rides, toured the countries and left a bit early to go to Golden Corral the kids favorite restaurant. En-route to dinner I get a phone call from boytoy who wants to know if I can contact M1 as he is bringing her home for school tomorrow. I remind M1 she told me that they had broken up and I did not want him at my house and she totally blew me off. Boytoy ended up spending the night.

Monday I get an email from M1 she had missed the bus she was going to look for the missing cat. I told her no there was no point he would return when he returned and she could instead walk to school. She told me it was too cold to walk to school so I called her bluff and said to her “Well then you are not looking for the cat, boytoy is there and you are staying home with him despite my wishes.” She denied it up and down but an hour later my BFF confirmed boytoy’s truck was in my driveway and he was there. When asked about it M1 told me his engine seized and he could not drive home. You buying any of this because I am not. The girls and I drive to Clearwater to go to see the Gulf of Mexico as we have never seen it before. We laughed, rode waves, body surfed and collected shells. I tried to keep M1 out of my  mind for the most part but of course one of my cats is missing because of my child and I am angry to be honest. We go to drive to my friends house and my BFF messages me, last cat is home all is well. Oh thank goodness.

Tuesday the girls and I spent time at the Tampa aquarium and at Treasure Island beach. We had a lot of fun at both places and then went to my friend’s house for a yummy dinner with her. She is super talkative so it was easy to forget about M1 until she messaged me and wanted to know how to get to NYC from my parent’s house. She wants to take boytoy to the city at some point to see the parade in person. She then tells me she is at boytoy’s house because he did not want her to be alone. Through gritted teeth I remind her that I offered her a train ride to be with family and yet she choose to stay with him even though they had broken up and he was abusive. I am barely civil with the conversation. Really you want to take him but you don’t want to spend time with my parents who are literally 20 minutes from the train station you will be using?!?!?! Talked to my friend about my M1 situation and she was super supportive. She is a good woman and it was nice to talk and not be concerned I was somehow being judged.

Wednesday M1 messages me first thing in the morning, how do you make peanut butter pie? I ask why and she said she is making it for his family. OK now I am childish. This is my family thing that I make for my family and no I don’t want him to have it. He also messages me and asks what nickname I call M1 because he wants to know. Really that is nice, it is what I call her and while I might be hospitable enough to share a recipe no chance my pet name for her will be revealed to this….ummm…young man. I tell her the recipe and she remembers to thank me and hangs up. The girls and I then went to Fort De Soto and swam in North Beach. We walked the sand bars and collected several shells along the way. At night my friend joined us and we walked the beach at sunset and then had dinner out before leaving her place.

Thursday flew home and while at the airport M1 calls to find out how I make the pie so smooth. I explain it to her and she tells me she has made two pies one for us as well. OK so I am still aggravated you lied, deceived me and think less of the family who raised you than you do of your boyfriend but all right one thing less for me to make. We have dinner with my parents and as soon as the girls are in bed I get asked a half a dozen questions by my parents about M1. Honestly I am not interested in talking about her anymore. She is clearly not interested in this family soooooo yeah lets move on. Of course my Mom is appalled at my attitude but after explaining some of the latest antics, she admitted she could see why I was finished. No I am not but I am done talking about her and trying to make sense of her actions.

Drove home today against the wishes of my parents. My parents are concerned as I clearly have another case of bronchitis. I told them I would take it easy and promised to contact my doctor (I did). We got home and we decided to chill. So at home relaxing and wondering if this is the weekend we see M1. Nope not holding my breath, well mostly because I can’t hahahaha.


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  1. Hang in there. You are strong, smart and doing what you can for the kids who need you. I swear I might have just cut her off at this point; she’s so toxic but I also know at some point she will be back–I mean really back. I wish I had more encouraging words for you, but oy, you are going through it. ❤

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