She’s Baaaackkk

OMG last night was a nightmare!!!! M1 almost ripped me a new butt hole because I called her out on lying to the school saying I was refusing to let her move back in. I made her tell me the exact words I used which were “If you want to stay here you need to change.” She told me she was going to a homeless shelter and the school was helping her get into it. I was furious, kid is not homeless she is being a pain in the arse. I left it because whatever if she wants to be homeless I have the text messages and emails I sent saying that she could in fact come back and her responding to me she did not want to come back. Bring on CPS I told the school via email and the kid via email and text that she in fact could come back. I have written proof I am not telling her she cannot return she is choosing it on her own.

A few hours later another text “Can I come home. I don’t want to live in a shelter I want to be with you and my sister.” OK already told you yes but I got her on the phone and we talked. I remained calm and explained to her what my concerns were and why even though I loved her to death I would have to take actions against her legally if she returned to my home and continued to be abusive. We talked about the rules and we talked about privileges. She remained calm and thanked me for hearing her out. Turns out many of her demands were poorly expressed hopes that she didn’t realize could be taken another way until I pointed that out to her. She tells me she will tell boytoy she wants to move back with me and call me later with at time.

At 5pm the door to my house opens and M1 comes in looking angry as all get out. I rushed the kids out of the room because clearly something went wrong and given boytoy is volatile I had a safety concern. She told me when he came to pick her up she told him that she wanted to move back. He got out of the truck and left her on the side of the road. So she drove to try to get him to come back into the truck and he would not listen (no she doesn’t have a license). She did not know what to do so she came home to me to see what I had to say. I asked her a few questions and mostly what her options were and what she wanted to do. I acknowledged this must be hard on her and told her to be careful as she went out the door to find boytoy.

At 7pm the phone rings and it is from boytoy’s home number. I can hear screaming in the background and cursing. M1 tells me boytoy is raging and his Mom is drunk again can I please come get her. She tells me that they are telling her she cannot leave and that she has to stay with them until Friday and they refuse to bring her home. OK well Mom is drunk so no I don’t want her driving. Clearly the situation sounded unsafe so I agreed to go and get her because I was concerned with the amount of commotion I heard, cursing and threats. My child is not your captive, she can come home if she wants. I pack up the van and off we go.

We get to the house and it looks like a home from Hoarders. It is thick with smoke and dirty as all get out. The mother greets me at the door and she looks confrontational but I am not afraid of anyone my size so let me see my damn kid now woman!!! She is slurring her speech and is almost nonsensical when talking to me. She babbles about how good it is that things are working out, how things are great here at the house..all nonsense. Boytoy comes up the stairs and I shoot him a filthy look, he retreats, you better son I will take your butt out cus now I am pissed. We get her stuff and off she comes into the van. Ugg I am going to need a shower from the filth, how can people live like that?!?!?!

On the ride home M1 is a motor mouth. She tells me that boytoys Mom starts drinking at 3pm every day and is drunk by 8pm. She chain smokes and refuses to clean the house. Boytoy is abusive to his mother all the time, yelling and screaming at her. He disrespects her and M1 is afraid at some point he may get physical with his mom. I say nothing as I know saying “I told you so” is not going to help. I don’t want to build a wall I have to keep my mouth shut, yikes that is hard. We get home and she gets to her room. They girls talk for a bit then I send them to their rooms. M1 came up the stairs and said “Thanks Mom” and went downstairs.

Oh well wonder how long the honeymoon will last?

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