What a week

So I noticed at the beginning of the week no matter how much sleep I got I was still exhausted. I decided to call the doctor because it didn’t seem right. I talked to her and she had me come in for some tests. After all we both agreed that just doing the increased TKD should not cause exhaustion for an extended time. Test results come back, sure enough its Lyme disease again. Yuck, oh well at least I know now and can take medications to cure it. Things could be worse.

We go to TaeKwonDo and I have to practice my breaking routine for the competition on Saturday. I attempted do it and broke two of three boards on the first try. The small issue is that I had to spin around and well I am older and heavy set sooooo this is a challenge. I also don’t have the ability to turn my head so I get super dizzy in no time at all. OK I did lose my balance and as a consequence was too close to the third board so it did not break. Now the skin on my toe did so that was a bit messy but oh well, that is what band aids are for. So again learning point, I need to set up the last person a step behind the first two. All right, all good I got this.

Thursday M2s biological aunt wanted to take her to a football game as their school was playing against our school. M2 was fine and agreed to go but when the time came she melted down big time. Yelling, screaming and swearing up and down she was not nervous. It took about 10 minutes to calm her down and work out a plan that got her to the field and picked up so that she felt comfortable. Thank goodness the babysitter is so sweet and accommodating. After the game she comes to TKD and she refuses to participate in class. She then ran off after class and refused to get into the van to go home. It was dark and getting colder so it was frustrating but eventually it came out that her aunt had said she would come by to see M2 do her moves in TKD and she didn’t come. I explained this was not normally like her aunt so something must have come up. After many tears and 30 minutes she got in the van.

Friday we had to drive to a meeting for all the judges at the competition and what should have been a simple meeting ended up being 2 hours long. Everyone was super aggravated and upset at the lead judge. We all knew the rules we did not have to hear 800 times to be safe and we did not have to do the numbers drill for 64 people sparring in a ring because NO ONE EVER has that many. We even tried to cut him off at 16 as no one ever has that many either but nope he would not listen….grrr…….Finally it was over and we went to get something to eat. I am a secret shopper so the restaurant was pre-determined. We ordered our food and the wrong meal came out…sigh…that kind of day I suppose. The waitress was kind though and immediately exchanged it and apologized so no issues there, we all make mistakes after all.

Saturday was the competition and I had to do the board breaking for real. First break no issues, second break only 3 out of 10. I angled my leg too far up and it traveled up not through the boards so you could also hear the points falling. Last break I broke two out of three. The issue was the first break of the three I nailed the board wrong and the gad awful sound of a bad hit made everyone cringe. Yes there is a noise and yes it is awful. I pushed through the pain in the few seconds I had before it hit for real and broke the remaining two boards. Ugg it was awful and I felt awful, I hate failing in a big way. So there I was in last place, it was hard to keep back the tears, I was soo disappointed in myself and my performance. It wasn’t that I was in last place that got me it was that I failed to do what I set out to do (break all 23 boards). I did not begrudge the three gentleman their scores at all, they all did more advanced things then I am able to do. Yes at my level it is co-ed because all of us have 23 boards so the points are only in technique.

Saturday night M1 came home telling me she was getting her “school things”. She fooled around with the girls and stayed for about an hour while I talked to boytoy. M1’s new look includes a pierced eyebrow (gross) and a half a shaved head (looked bad last time too). He was only interested in talking about calipers in guns which is fine as I am versed, thanks to the Army. He has a limited repertoire and even when I asked him about other things he reverted back to guns. After M1 left I went downstairs and saw her schoolbooks on the bed, so much for school supplies. She had trashed her room entirely and just left it that way. I was too tired to be angry but really, how freaking immature.

Sunday we chilled all day and did laundry. It was good to have some quiet time to just get things done without having to rush everywhere. We cleaned the house and went shopping for groceries.

This morning as I am getting them off to get on the bus, M2 drops a note that says “To Brian From M1” I partly open it and it says “Ask Brian if he likes me and if I am the one” I simply shook my head and refolded it. You are living with boytoy and still you are sending love notes to see if others are interested in you, really? Of course now I wonder what is going on but know better than to ask as I am not supposed to have seen the note. It is so immature and childish but yep right up M1’s lane. I wonder how long this fling will last and what will be the cause of the break up this time.

Oh well another week ahead, lets get it started right!!!

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