Morning Pseudo Conversations…

Can I please move back in?
You don’t want to live with me. I can’t agree to your conditions
Why? All I asked was for me to go out without asking for permission
No you didn’t you asked for help buying a car, get a permit without keeping good grades, and do whatever you want when you want. You have freedom where you are.
You don’t want my rules
But I can’t get to school
And screw buying the car and the permit, and that’s exactly what I said. Let me go out without permission
Ok I tried to talk to you about school you had a plan
It fell through I get that but you wanted the freedom to make your own choices
Ok never mind
Why are you angry
Because I f*** sacrificed everything for “boytoy” and he promised to bring me to school today but he couldn’t f**** even manage that. So once again, I’m f****. And then I tried moving back in, and your like f** it nope
Thanks for explaining I am sorry you are angry but see how quickly you raged at me

Never mind mom I will figure it out myself
The italics is M1 in all her own words. I changed the cursing to block it out and where it says boytoy was his real name, otherwise nothing has been altered. The exchanges starts at 8 this morning. She then cut me off and refused conversations until later in the afternoon when she sent me another expletive laced message asking me to tell N to stop spreading rumors about her being pregnant. OK really she started that rumor herself when she told a bunch of folks she was pregnant.
I am at a loss and yet I am not. She is so freaking angry at the world and at me that there is no way she would come back and behave herself. I ended up sending her a long email and it acknowledged how much it must suck to have your plans fall through and have people let you down. I reminded her that I had warned her about some of this stuff which is probably why she is sooooo freaking angry at me. I mean lets face it no one wants Mom to be right. I did say that there are consequences for all our decisions and I can imagine is was hard to have so many not great consequences in a row. I also told her if she wanted my help she had to stop swearing at me and treating me like crap.
No she has not answered me back yet and I am sure she will not. I did ask the church about any of the congregants having rooms to rent or knowing landlords and the Deacon advised me not to go there and just let her stay put. Since he is a police officer here I know he will advise me if I do anything looking shady or close to illegal. I want to grab her and hug her but I know she doesn’t want that right now. I am sad that I have to keep her at a distance for everyone else’s sake but her emotional instability is apparent more and more each time we talk. My heart breaks for her yet I know she has to learn this way and that part truly stinks.

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  1. I hear how heartbroken you are. This is some tough love and it’s *tough* on all of you. I really think she needs this wake up call. She isn’t ready yet but maybe she will get there. I’m so sorry you are going through this. Hugs, Mama.

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