Fright Fest and Craft Fairs


Every year the Great Escape by us has a Fright Fest. The kids wanted to go and wanted to go but being that I have ABSOLUTELY NO desire to be scared in any situation I did not take them. We talked to the babysitter who used to work here and she gave us the low down. She told me as long as I stayed aware I should be all right and no they don’t grab you.

OK so we go up during daylight hours and we enjoy the rides. At 5pm the bell starts ringing, this lets you know that the “zombies” are about to appear. At first we are eating and don’t see any so M2 decides they lied to us and there were no zombies to be had. I laughed to myself and just then saw one coming toward our area. I point him out to M2 and N so they are aware as both startle but are not concerned per say. We finish eating and go to where a show is playing. I stay alert and see various creatures walking around scaring the bejesus out of many people.

We do more rides and then the fog machines kick in like it is their job. You can barely see where you are walking and I assure myself that it will be all right, just keep vigilant. I see the first zombie I saw walking toward the kids, I don’t say anything as whateves. Well he gets up behind them and they both see him and shriek, suddenly he starts to chase them!! Well they let out screeches of pure joy and run to me for cover. The zombie gets up to me and makes a bunch of noise and I laugh at him and say “Umm no we are good, like your  makeup by the way.” and he goes off to scare others.

The girls dissolved into giggles and we continue with rides and various encounters with zombies. We laughed and laughed as the night got cooler and eventually the park hours ended. We grabbed rock candy on the way out and made our way to the parking lot. Now for some reason the lights were not working. Well the girls were convinced that zombies were everywhere and I laughed and pointed out things like “girl on cell phone” “man with stuffed animal” just to assure them they were not in any danger. We get to the van and drive home.

That night M1 messages me and lets me know their is a craft fair the next day. Now mind you after our last “visit” the last thing I want is quality time with her BUT M2’s needs and yes I do like craft fairs. I tell her I will think about it but don’t want to promise anything because I can be small and petty at times. I post the Fright Fest pictures and head to bed, no point in making decisions when tired and grumpy.

Next morning I figure I should do the right thing and we grab my BFF and we head off to the craft fair. M2 is thrilled to see M1 and M1 looks surprised to see us. I looked at different things and mid way through the visit, M1 puts her arms out and asks me for a hug. I look around to see if someone is watching, assuming that this is all for show. When I hug her tight she says “I know its weird and I usually don’t ever want you to touch me but I just wanted a hug.” I squeezed her tight and whispered “Look I love you regardless and am happy to hug you whenever you want.” First time in months that I was able to hug her and not have her pull away or swear at me, I was impressed.

After awhile we had to go as the scents of all the oils and fragrances were making me sick. The kids understood and finished up their visit while I stood outside trying hard not to be sick. M1 comes out and she gives me another hug. I tell her to take care of herself and she thanks me for coming. It was weird but then I wondered to myself “Did she really miss me?” Oh well I am not sure but this visit was definitely better and the kids were happy to see her. I did get some good seasoning from Tastefully Simple so hopefully it will turn out as good as the samples LOL.



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