The After Effects

It is amazing how much one person can control everything in your life. I marvel at how life is so different now that M1 is out of the home. Yes it has only been a few days but the change is dramatic.

On Saturday M2 was very weepy and asking a lot of questions. N was out with one of her workers so M2 and I spent a lot of time cuddling on the couch. I didn’t give answers to her as there really were none. After a few hours of crying she pulled herself together and when N came home she went off to play with her. The two of them laughed and literally played all day no arguments. In the evening we watched two movies and they went to bed.

Sunday we went to church and the youth leader reminded the girls to be themselves and not take after M1. She praised their supportiveness of each other and told them how special each was and they were happy spending time with her. I spoke to the Deacon who is also a police officer. He advised me that I don’t need to file a report because likely no one would do anything about it. Since CPS has already been called he suggested that I follow up with DSS just to advise them of my kids nonsense.

We come home, eat lunch and go apple picking. There are minor disagreement but no hatred, tearing at each other and regular snarkiness. When M2 starts to sound like her sister I remind her that it is not appropriate and she knocks it off. They come home, do their laundry, help each other fold and put it away and no arguments. No one yells, no one shouts and they both get along very well. They ask me if the can have another sister, this one younger. They spend the rest of the night planning how many other kids I will adopt and where they all will live.

We get up for school and they are ready to go at 7. No screaming down the stairs, no commands to come up more than 3 times. They were ready to go no fights, quarrels or disagreements. It was amazing. We go outside to wait for the bus, they see it and yell in unison “Bye Mom have a good day.”

There has been quiet for three days. Even the sitter said that M2 and N are getting along well and not even getting aggravated with each other. Turns out the M1 was doing more than just verbally abusing me, she was setting up the kids to fight and disagree. Wow just wow, it is amazing how much of an impact one person has on an entire household.

Oh yes I have heard from her, she claims boytoy has no gas so she can’t meet with the school about her dropping out plan but she can come up to meet me to get a non driver ID. Yeah good luck with that.

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