Shocking Good News

OK weeks ago I asked my parents of they would consider watching N so that I could go on a trip to France with my Army buddies (My BFF would watch M2). Weeks past no word, so I assumed no and was not too terribly disappointed as it is a huge responsibility and they are older. Well today my mother called me and said “Honey what are your trip dates again so we can put them on the calendar.” I was shocked. I said “Wait you are saying yes?” My Mom laughed and said “Sure honey, go spend time with your friends, we know you love France.”

OMG OMG OMG OMG yes I love France!!!!! Yes I have been twice and loved it both times. Of course I love to travel so that helps. But I will be going with a group of people two of which I know who are going I really like. Once is my male friend PC who takes me to lunch and the other is a buddy from when I was in Iraq. Now there may be more that I know but those guys I know for sure are going. I cannot believe it is real. I will make the deposit on Tuesday to ensure my spot but holy heck I am going to France.

Now yes it is a tour and it is historical. The unit the 42d Infantry Division is taking the trip to France to walk the battlefields on the 100th anniversary of the Division. So it will be walking battlefields, dedication ceremonies and a bit of free time to explore Paris near the end. I will be gone for 10 days. I have never been away from the kids for more than 5 days so this will be totally bizarre. I will have adult conversations for so many hours I cannot believe it!! Scenic country side and so much more, WOW I am one lucky camper.

Soooo guess I will refresh on my French now so I can ask questions and get directions.

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