Unexpected Court Date

No worries, the Littles are fine as is my brood.

Today at work one of my coworkers gets a phone call from an office mate. She had called the police, her fiance has “lost his mind” destroyed property and attacked her. Work was in a panic, why……well we all work together even the fiancee. Quickly the powers that be executed the plan that most of us figured we would never use, all the right people were notified. They tried to talk to her on and off for to ensure she was safe but eventually got caught up in work and the conversation stopped.

Now I am not particularly close to this woman but when I found out she was going by herself to Family Court to file for an order of protection and sole custody, I felt that we should do something. I talked to the big boss and she agreed but had no clue. Not for accolades mind you, I offered to walk to court to be with her and make sure this time she actually filed for it. My boss agreed and off I went.

No I am not going into details as I don’t gossip. What I realized as I was holding this woman in my arms as she sobbed was that at some point, this could be M1. She is so desperate for a relationship that she would date almost anyone to have someone. The woman I was hugging could be my child in a few years. It shook me to the core and even after we left I could not shake the way it made me feel.

When I got home I pulled M1 aside and talked to her today about how the progression happened for this worker. I left out names and any identifying information but relayed all the things I have heard M1 say about her relationships and how they tied into escalating violence for my coworker. I told her I was not judging but genuinely scared because when you say so much of the same things that my coworkers said, you might end up just like her. I assured her that I did not think that her current beau was bad or evil but that as he manipulated her a few weeks ago, so my coworkers fiancee had manipulated her. I begged her to listen to friends if they caution her about her relationships and reminded her that she can turn to me if she finds herself in this situation. I think she heard me, I pray she did.

Yes my coworkers is safe right now. She is not where he can find her and she has family to help her cope. I will pray for her tonight for safety and steadfastness and for my child, that it will never end up this way.

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