Tag Sale Day 2

I got up early today to have a little alone time and set up my Kindle. M2 came out and wanted to know what she could do to help and I told her that we would haul stuff out in a minute. She went back to bed and then I got the Kindle set up.

We hauled all the stuff out again and this time of course it did not take as long. Thankfully, we had an idea of all the stuff and where it could go and we just basically put it back to where it was earlier. We sat up the chairs and waited for our first customers. We waited, and waited and waited. Eventually, we had some people stop buy. No one was buying anything. It was a bit frustrating but on a good note I had time to read my new book via Kindle “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”.

The kids were good and came in and out. N was doing her laundry. M1 and M2 were cleaning their rooms. M1 periodically came out to see if we needed something but otherwise it was fairly quiet. My BFF and I had a lot of time alone together which rarely happens so that was also good. We talked about a bunch of things, some of which were not kid related!! People eventually came and went but nothing like we had yesterday. It was wayyyyyyyy to slow.

In the end M1 made $2, N made $0.75, M2 made $7, my BFF made $36 and I made $34. I sort of felt bad for N but she refused to listen to my suggestions for pricing things so most people just overlooked her stuff. M1 was a bit miffed but then I reminded her she blew off the first day and had nothing out soooooo maybe that was to blame. Everyone said they were happy they did it and I choked back the laugh, “they” did it…..ok yeah most of the work was me kiddos so enjoy your money.

So tomorrow I will call Unity House and drop off some donations for them. I will take the jackets to my church thrift store for them to hand out and I am not entirely sure what to do with the dozens of water bottles we have…..hmmmm. Overall it was a good experience, not sure I want to do a part 2 though. Good news I kept my word to the kids and they had their tag sale, better news with any luck they won’t ever ask again.

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