Tag Sale Day 1

I knew a tag sale would be a lot of work. I knew this because my friends all told me so and I had no reason to think they would lie. I am organized so I thought it would be easier, nope still hard. So here is how it unfolded…

The town I live in was having a town wide garage sale. I put my address in the flyer and got myself on their map. If I was going to do it I wanted to be sure we had traffic to buy our junk. I got the girls on board, told them if they sold their stuff they could keep the money. Told them they had to label it themselves, I would provide labels. Told them they had to man the sale with me all day Saturday and Sunday. Everyone appeared to be on board, so as far as I could tell it was a go.

Thursday M1 tells me she wants to go to friends’ house for the weekend. I remind her of the garage sale, it was her idea, she needed to be there. She yelled and screamed about how life it not fair. I did not say “suck it up buttercup” outloud so I get points. I told her she could have one night but that since it was in fact her idea to have a garage sale she in fact had to help. She hemmed and hawed but I reminded her the other answer was no so figure it out. She complied.

Friday we went to the store to get pre=labeled stickers for the goods. I thought this would be easier for the kids to manage so they did not have to think of prices, they could just put them on. N and M2 went with me, we went out to dinner and we talked about how the plan would go for Saturday. Both were on board. Both were excited and both had stuff to sell. We come home and I go up into the attic as I literally have bins of clothing that the kids outgrew. As I am not a foster parent anymore I figured I can get rid of some of it. So I went through all 12 bins, pulled out my favorites, rebinned them by size and lined them up in my room. I ought to mention I did this in the attic, it was hot I was nasty when finally done. The girls were awesome and brought a lot of the things down for me so life was good.

We got all the stuff together in our front room and had it broken up by books, toys and clothes. I went onto the porch to retrieve the 9 jackets no one wore anymore and threw them into the washing machine to be safe. I see M2 has her bin out and it is full of Happy Meal type toys, books and some odd clothing. I look for N’s stuff and do not see it, all right she is a bit slower so I will wait. I go to get something to drink and when I come out I see that N has brought up a bin of stuffed animals and pillows. They STINK to high heaven. Now mind you I have literally almost no sense of smell and I could tell they were ripe, I can’t even imagine what it was really like. I tell her she can’t sell stuff that stinks and that she will have to wash it. She protests but understood she would not want to buy smelly things so other would not either. Washer is free she pops the animals in, yikes make sure you add soap and put it on heavy stain child!!!!

Saturday I get up at 5 to label everything. I start with all my stuff. I rehang the jackets, relabel bins and pull the rest of the stuff out of the attic/my room we are going to sell. I get it all labeled and it is 7 so I get M2 up to label her stuff. She is super excited and goes to town using the stickers on her books. We talk about the toys and she agrees that she should sell them “for cents cus they are just toys”. I get N up and she has to switch over her load. I tell her that she has to think about a price and she says “I will mark them $3 each or 5 for $6.” Ok I had to choke back a laugh, her state fair/carnival type stuffed animals won’t sell for that much. I explain I appreciate her logic that it is more for less money but point out that most animals don’t sell for that much, maybe 50 cents. She looks angry and tells me she doesn’t care. OK whateves not fighting you. Animals are washed I go outside to finish hauling and setting up. Eventually she comes out and she has labeled them 75 cents each. All right probably not going to sell but ok she almost listened.

N and I sit outside until N goes to group, then M2 comes out with me. Eventually M2s friend comes over and it is me by myself. Can I tell you I loved the alone time. I met some unique people as they stopped by. Many just looked but some bought things. Everyone was very talkative and it was fun interacting with them. The day sort of dragged but still it was good to be getting rid of some stuff at least. My BFF finished work and then she came over to keep me company so life was good.

We made $45 for the first day and noticed a lack of people. We put an ad in Craigslist for tomorrow and hopefully we can get more things cleared out of here. The kids were thrilled with the money they made. Well all right N made 75 cents, one thing sold, but M2 ended up making $7 so she was super excited. She took her money and walked with her friend to the store to buy the “gigantic candy bars” that we can never seem to afford. Yep kid was on cloud nine.

Everyone was home at the end of the sale and helped me haul it into the garage for tomorrow. M1 even got some of her stuff and while her pricing is similar to N’s I figure she will learn the hard way. Yes of course I did advise her differently but you know she can only listen to me so much because after all she knows that her stuff is worth more. Oh well lets see how that works out for her.

More adventures tomorrow.

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