Week One Down

So it has been almost 10 days of them being in school and so far wow not expected. N is doing well overall and I have no complaints from her teacher. M2 is testing boundaries and putting the new staff through their paces. Nothing really serious but enough that it had to be addressed. Oh did I mention she also “lost” her hearing aid. No not really she hid it and hoped I would not find it. M1 well she is already in the principal’s office so I am struggling to remember to not throw the year away.

Good news is that for the moment M1 is actually doing her work. She missed one assignment this whole time which is one too many but it could be worse so I am not complaining. M2 tried to blow off her homework and when I reminded her no television until it was done, it miraculously appeared and got finished. N does not really have homework so that much is good. She does however have to get into the habit of handing me the announcements the teacher sends home and not holding onto them…sigh…learning points.

They have almost missed the bus 5 times. I am ready to wring their necks. Biggest offender is M1 who believes that the bus should come at 7:10 even though it never did AND has always come at 7:06. This morning I yelled at all of them as there getting themselves up is not working so much. Grrrr…gotta focus on this for the upcoming week, I am not helping them by constantly waking them up. Of course if I don’t wake them up they don’t get up so again fine line. I might have to remove privileges so they can understand getting up on your own is a requirement NOT a request.

I know transitions are hard, we will get there but on a good note the first few days back went overall mostly well so I will take them. No major issues and even M1 going to the principal was more of a testing than an “holy crud you broke school rules” type thing. They have no patience for her (she earned this) so they crack down hard. I supported their decision as she did do wrong but yeah not worth getting over stressed about.

So we head into the weekend and we have the village wide garage sale. I will definitely take photos of this sale and maybe the girls in action as they sell their things to make a little money. It has been a lot of work but worth it so I am close to excited. Catch me again tonight after labeling all the stuff we are selling to see if I still feel this way.

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  1. We are about a month in and I totally understand where you’re coming from. We went thought the wake up scenario last year and the missing bus thing too. Hope has already missed an assignment as well. It’s just so tough trying to help them learn to be functional. Here’s hoping that things smooth out! You’ve got your hands full. 🙂

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