Un-Happy Birthday to Me

OK gotta admit I am throwing myself a little pity party right now but let me explain. Today is my birthday and though I do not celebrate it I do like to do certain things that are my favorites. Unfortunately, bad luck seems to be my trademark and after today I totally remember why we don’t celebrate my birthday.

Woke up and had to go outside to wait for the kids bus to show up on the dry run. Waited for 15 minutes and viola the bus eventually appeared. Took N to work with me as she had Freshman Orientation. She repeatedly backed into my chair when working, annoying but ok I can breath and let this one go. We get to school and she takes off, umm you have never been here before not your smartest move. Eventually she realizes she is lost and since I did not move she found her way back to me….sigh….hated high school, hate being in one for my birthday.

Get home and go to do laundry when the phone rings. “Hi do you have a daughter named M1? Can I talk to you mother to mother?” My heart sank, I dread this start to conversations and I know that M1 did something catastrophic if a parent wants to talk to me. The caller told me that M1 is telling everyone she is 5 months pregnant with her old boyfriend’s child and has to get in touch with him. She is bothering all the mutual friends. She has sent hate texts to her old flame’s baby momma alleging that she and the old boyfriend will get custody of the baby and the momma will never see him again. M1 is threatening to talk to the old boyfriends father telling him he got girl number 2 pregnant which could lead to old boyfriend getting “his ass kicked for real.”

I am stunned and when I hear this poor woman out and what my child has allegedly said, I can feel my blood boil. The woman says “I told her to stop talking to us it is harassment but she doesn’t listen.” My heart grew ice cold then and I floored myself when I uttered the sentences “Please press charges against her. Get a no contact order and make it legal please. I know this is my kid, I know what I am saying but you deserve peace and to not be harassed by this behavior. I know when I confront her she will deny it all so if you have proof please press charges. It is time she faced the music.” The woman was stunned for a moment and said “I can imagine how hard this is for you too. Thank you for being concerned for us. I will let her know if she does it again we will press charges. I will then notify you if we decide to do it.” I thanked her and just sunk into my chair.

I confront M1 with the information and the cursing started. She swore like a sailor and all of it was lies. I asked quietly where did it come from because all these things did not come from nowhere and she flew off the handle screaming she was going to hurt someone. I remind her that right now she is facing a VERY REAL legal action if she did anything at all. I remind her that if they  can take action against her as they are portraying her as the unstable, stalking and agresser. She screams at me some more but I remind her that there must be a basis in reality so she did something even if it was not all that they said. (Frankly I believe the woman, M1 is very vindictive and manipulative.) She claim she is the victim and when I ask her to prove it suddenly all the texts got deleted.

Happy birthday to me. Now she is a raging mess downstairs and cursing anytime I look at her. She is screaming at her siblings and quite frankly I am taking this as admission of guilt. I am not sure what to do at this point. I feel like a callous person for telling someone to charge my kid but at the same time I have no idea what else to do. I don’t want her to have a record but harassment is harassment and no one should  have to deal with it. My kid can be mean, my kid bullies, she is still a juvenile, lets learn now.

Lets never celebrate my birthday again.

2 thoughts on “Un-Happy Birthday to Me

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  1. I’m so sorry about your not-happy birthday. It must be such a terrible feeling for you to have to ask someone to press charges against your daughter. You did the right thing, though.

  2. Competely agree with your decision, sometimes kids need to face the harsh reality that for every action there is a consequence so in a way, it might actually be an extremely good thing for your kid to face legal action. Hang in there.

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