Camping (Again) with the Littles

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Looks like an idyllic summer day does it not? As you can see N, Little Man and Little Bit were taking in the sun and shore up at Lake Champlain. The water was FREEZING!!! I mean seriously ice cold. M1 would not get in and after about and hour I told them we had to come out because I was frozen. Well that and oh yeah I was the lifeguard as the beach was closed unless you wanted to watch your own….sigh….#parentingchallenges

So we did have another fun full but crazy cold camping trip. We went to Ausable Point Campground, which is not as kid friendly as I had hoped. We left on Friday and stayed until today when we decided we had to come home as it was just plain cold and we did not have heavy sweaters really. We did have fun though and despite the two plus hour drive we definitely  made memories. Friday, we got there late so of course no adventure, but then the games began.

Saturday they were up early. We went to go check in and on the way back stop at the main swimming beach which was closed except for playing in the sand. My kids love that and we had sand toys so M2, Little Man and Little Bit played in the sand for a few hours while N and M1 slept in. The sand on one beach was cool because it was actually black in places, you can almost see it here

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We went swimming, played games, cooked s’mores and had some fun with our camping neighbors. Around 6 the temperatures started to drop so we huddled around the fire to stay warm before bed. Fortunately the tent kept us pretty warm and they all had a good nights sleep.

Sunday we packed up and decided to go to Ausable Chasm. I love the chasm though the stairs to the inner sanctum destroy my knees. They kids were good sports though and admired the scenery as we hiked on the trail. Here are some shots

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Elephant’s Head formation is caused by plate movement.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
At the bottom of the chasm. This was an inlet area where water didn’t flow anymore.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
One of four waterfalls that feeds the river that creates the chasm. The building on top is a hydro electric plant.

We came home early to save some heat, I mean come into indoor heating. We went to the YMCA and then we had dinner with my BFF. Kids were in bed and sound asleep by 8 because between swimming and hiking today I ran them a bit ragged. I was sooo thrilled to have the kids over and a chance to spend it with them. They do have fun with us and even though we were a bit cold, I think they had a really good time all in all.

So tomorrow, pancakes for breakfast before taking them back home again.

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