Old Fashioned Fun

Here is a fun fact, my father used to race cars. He raced in the Sportsman Division. While I have no memories of him racing as he quit when I was a toddler, I do remember growing up going to races and loving every minute of it. While I don’t follow statistics or anything really, I just love watching the high speed driving and careful maneuvers that occur around the track. Not sure what a Sportsman Division is?  Here you go they look like this….


Now I do enjoy the Sportsman they are a bit clunky and slow compared to Modifieds. I LOVE to watch Modifieds race!!!! What is a Modified? Here you go…


Modifieds are smaller and as you can see by the blurry picture a heck of a lot faster. I love to watch them dang near go sideways at the corners and the last minute pull-aheads by the experienced drivers. On Saturday the track favorite came from 8th starting position up to win, you can’t beat that kind of driving. Yes of course there are crashes but thankfully when we were there this time no one got injured. Well all right two cars took a beating but drivers are fine.

I traipsed off with the three girls not sure how N would like it. She has never been to a track before so this would be an experience. M1 was going to meet some of her friends and M2 was going to hang as long as possible before tuning us out with her video game. We got our track food and we got our seats. They started off excited and we discussed some basic track information so they had a clue and then  enjoyed the driving.

I am not sure N really like it all that much. When she was getting antsy I pointed out random things on the track to catch her attention. I also fed them several helpings of track food so they were quite happy even if I was the only one really enjoying the races. It was a great night for it and when the sun started to set the temps dropped like crazy. We sat for a bit more and then it came in…..a huge downpour!!!!

We shrieked like little kids and ran out of the bleachers to the car. The kids laughed and admitted they had fun. We cranked the heat and drove home. So very much fun and better yet no fights!!!!

Gotta do it one more time before the season is over!!

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