Gad Awful Rooms

I must admit I am not a neat freak. HOWEVER clutter bothers the bejesus out of me.

Enter three teen girls. M1 likes to throw stuff on her floor. She hoards food and I find it in drawers, bins and sometimes under her pillow. M2 throws stuff literally everywhere. She does not hoard food but has a hard time remembering the drawer DOESN’T need to be dumped every time we go to pick clothes. N OMG she hoards like it is her job. Now please I get it I know why they do it and I don’t openly poke fun or make rude comments past an occasional gag which I cannot control. Oh did I mention I have literally almost no sense of smell so if I can smell it, well life is awful for the rest of you.

I announced on Monday when we came back from my parents house that the rooms needed to be clean. M1 and M2 scurried off as they know that this is not a request it is a requirement so lets just get it done. N, well she decides to play it for a bit. She refuses to clean on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. We weren’t home Wednesday. So after going downstairs and being accosted by an odor so hideous I almost lost my lunch I decided to mix things up a bit. She came home today and promptly went to bed. I announced no dinner till the room is clean and she shouted back “don’t care not hungry”. Fine whateves you will be. I go downstairs and announce to her “Hey look tomorrow at 5am you and I are going to spend time cleaning your room since you can’t be bothered doing it now. I will literally dump you out of bed, toss the mattress into M1’s room and bring the sheets upstairs as they need to be washed.” She growls at me “You can’t make me get up if I don’t want to.” I smile and say, ok then you will get soaked because I have a spray bottle of water and can continue to spray you until you are so wet that you have to get up to change.” She growls again but knows I do actually have a spray bottle (for the cats).

I go upstairs and wait, sure enough after 2 hours she comes up the stairs and says she wants to eat. I say sure let me see how clean your room is? She pissed and moaned but then started to clean. I realized she was probably overwhelmed so I started to pick up some obvious garbage. I found…no kidding… sandwich totally green and turning to dust, 4 bottles of juice/water molded, 2 containers of rotting fruit, about a half dozen candy wrappers and several used sanitary napkins.  Yes gross and did I mention we did this only a few weeks ago? Uggg yes I know why. I review with her why sanitary supplies need to be thrown away NOT hoarded and how all this mold and garbage was making her room smell badly. I feel like I am on autoplay sometimes…press 3 for room cleaning lecture, 4 for personal hygiene lecture….We get half done and I am about to lose my lunch, we go upstairs so she can eat and I get some fresh air.  Yes we open the window and toss the rotten moldy food away.

It seems like a continuous thing with all three, they spend the week trashing their spaces and get aggravated when I ask them to clean….duh don’t trash the place if you don’t want to clean…yikes….oh well, two rooms done and tomorrow we finish the third one so it can be clean smelling and thankfully organized. Now she is making progress though, despite my venting here, she did willingly throw away several handfuls of paper without me telling her she had to, so see that is progress.

Slow progress….really freaking slow progress

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  1. I can even imagine what it’s like with 3; the one kills me! Hope has improved a lot, but I have to stay on her. I did her laundry for the first time in ages this week because even that stank. Turns out it was just her band clothes and not the usual suspects. Keep fighting the good fight!

  2. I hear ya! At least my son is older and starting to care what people think when they come over. But the girls… I feel your pain…

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