Yep finally happened. 755 days after meeting N for the first time, we got to officially adopt her!!!! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to laugh or cry to be honest it seemed like such a crazy long journey.

I was worried at the start of the day something would go wrong..did I mention I am a pessimist? I got the kids up and after much hollering on my part we get them out the door, we are 20 minutes late. We go to pick up my BFF, she is not ready we wait 10 more minutes, now we are 30 minutes late. I drop off documents to the tax dude and he talks to me for a bit. I remind him we are running late and he cuts it short but still 34 minutes behind now. We start the 2 hour and 20 minute drive up and my BFF has to stop for the bathroom at almost every stop…sigh…love her but dear God we are not going to make it. Turn on the Garmin and find out we will be 24 minutes late, crap crap crap. Call the worker let her know, she says all right weather stinks take it slow. Weather stinks???? Nah it is sunny….

Oh wait we get to Lowville. It is thundering, lightning and hailing. OMG you serious? There is no parking close to the entrance so we have to run through the hail pellets to the court house. We all have to use the bathroom so there is another delay. I am convinced at this point the judge will shoot me or make me wait. FINALLY we get it all together and are issued immediately into court. The judge starts laughing as we were quite the sight I am sure, soaking wet, and exhausted. He laughed and said “breathe we are good and we know you drove almost 3 hours in crappy weather.” Well it wasn’t crappy till here but let’s not argue with the judge. #ourlittlesecret

My BFF gets my parents on FaceTime so they can see the proceedings. We sit down and the legal mumbo jumbo begins. My Dad is asking a million questions as my BFF tries to explain what she barely  knows herself. At one point when the judge asked who we were talking to and I told him my parents. He smiled and said, well then let’s let your friend catch up answering so we can continue. I hear my Dad say “Is he stopping because we are too noisy?” I yelled “yes” and the judge laughed and said “its all right Dad we are all excited.” My Dad apologized and I hear in the background my Mom going “Honestly John” which for those that don’t know it, is her peeved angry way of addressing you.

N banged the gavel and it was official, she was mine. Her DSS worker burst into tears, the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Worker burst into tears, my attorney started to laugh and the judge said “Finally you got a good home. I hope you know how important this is to have and make sure you treat your newest Mom well.” N said she would. Took a bunch of photos and 3166 days after she came into the system N has a new home for good. The ceremony took about 20 minutes, the drive….well….3 hours.

We go outside and we find the weather has cleared completely. We say good-bye to the worker and she hugs me tight. No that never happened before, then she says very quietly to me as she hugs me “I knew the day I met you in person you were the one for N. I am so incredibly happy that this worked out I know you will be a good Mom. Don’t forget me though please.” I promised I would not and then she released me and hugged N for a long time and reminded her to be a good girl and listen to the new Mom. After she released N she looked at her phone and said “Oh good news ANYM, the weather at Old Forge is beautiful.” MY girls all yelled in one happy voice, we can go to the water park!!!

logo_2 copy

My co-workers were all extremely kind and chipped in to buy us tickets to this water park as they wanted us to have something and a baby shower could not be done because I did not have a baby and I had everything really I needed. I almost cried when they gave them to me and thanked them over and over again. They thought it would be fun for all of us as they are aware what a ride and water junkies we all are. We jumped in the van and off we went, an hour later we were heading to the main gate, it was 3:50. I say to the girls, “Well we can stay here for two and a half hours or we can come back another day” M2 got upset and said “Well why can’t we stay later?” I explained we were late to court, then we had to drive so the park was closing. They chose water park time.#sincewearehere

I go to the gate and the girl at the gate said “Did I hear you guys are celebrating something?” N beamed and said “Yep today ANYM adopted me.” The young woman looked at me and said “Well good for you, and here is our gift…since you came after 3 you get another set of tickets to come for a full day before the season is over.”I thanked her and explained that we don’t live locally though so the cost would not be something we could swing. She laughed and said “You can use them through September and they are free from us.” The look on my face must have been classic and I asked what even though I was pretty dang sure I had heard her. She repeated, they were free and good for a whole day anytime between now and the season close. I thanked her about 7 times and almost cried. I looked at my BFF and she was almost in tears too, the kids were yelling and clapping. #OMGforreal

We had a blast until the sun started to fade and the park closed. We went to dinner and then started the 2 hour and 50 minute drive home. Did I mention my BFF has to use the bathroom all the time? Make that a 3 hour and 20 minute drive home.

The whole ANYM family plus my BFF (on the right).

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