Casting Call Part 2

You might remember two weeks or so ago I tried out for a movie called Escape at Dannemora. Now I knew there would be call backs the next day and I was not notified so I assumed all bets were off. Whatever it was fun I would do it again..please see lessons learned section!!! Well on Tuesday I get this weird email:

Ref: Open Casting call Escape at Dannemora

Hi thank you for coming to our audition. We do not have a photo of you for our files. We have the hard copy of your information. If you would like to be considered please send a photo with the following information and we will add it to our electronic filing system.

Now as my kids hear me say a hundred times a week “I was born at night but NOT last night.” so this is a hoax. I send the email to my BFF and to M1 who auditioned AND were right after me in the picture line. Yes we did have our photos taken but OK maybe operator error, crashed card you know life happens. Neither one of them has a similar email or any email at all to be honest. Hmmm curious…..I am a bit of a skeptic, no complete skeptic, though so I decided to reach out to the company itself after all I don’t remember anyone named Dan. It says to reach them on social media so on their FaceBook page I post this message.

Hi, I got an email from someone named Dan referencing the casting call for EAD. He wanted me to send a photo and other information. Is this legit?

Within an hour I get a reply from Lisa, who I did meet and whose photo on FaceBook matches the woman who I auditioned with specifically:

Yes please respond as requested. Also send all additional correspondence through email.

Did anyone else get a bit excited here? I know I did so I told my BFF and M1 what had happened and they both had the same reaction….”OMG you are going to get the part of a reporter!!!” Of course I am more guarded but did take that as a positive sign that maybe at least I was getting another look. So I decided to comply, forwarded all information and then sent it back that night. After all there were 1100 of us auditioning, time is not my friend if they are awarding parts. Then I waited…well all right I sent another message via email that said:

Your Question: Hi I was at the open cast call for EAD. I got the email from Daniel saying that you did not have a photo of me. I replied to the email as directed sent all the info including two photos, but was confused as I did stand in line for a photo with my BFF and my child. Do they need to send their stuff in as well? Thanks.

Now to this moment I have not heard back so I am wondering what is going on. They told us don’t call them, they will call us if they are interested. I thought my question was generic enough that it could pass the “I am not directly asking if I got a part” question but maybe not so much. I know they are busy but I am curious what they say and am telling myself they are deciding so that is why they don’t write back.

Honestly I would be totally psyched to get an extra part in this film. I don’t want to get too excited though as I don’t know how these things work and if this is normal or indicative of something more. My coworkers are convinced I have a part and were joking about signing autographs, I laughed at them and reminded them there were 1099 others being considered as well.

Soooo I hope to hear something but the practical side of me tells me it is pie in the sky dreaming. I figure if it makes me happy to think I got farther then I did, well what harm does that do really?

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