Approaching Finalization

We are finalizing on August 3 at 1 p.m.!!!!!!!

Attorney C from our office will be present with ANYM and N.

ANYM- The court said other family members/friends are welcome and cameras are fine but no balloons, signs, or cake..

Please confirm you received this email.  Thank you!

Yep finally got the word. Believe it or not we filed our papers in April and on Tuesday I got this email from the paralegal. I wanted to yell, shout and make a scene but I was at work so I less than calmly walked into my boss and told him. He was also very happy for me and said it was fine to take next Thursday off.

Originally this was suppose to be a permanency hearing but my  lawyer asked the court to make it the finalization as we already had the date and I was going to be there. It took them three weeks to respond. I was giving up hope it would happen in the summer. I was super happy that I could get it done before school so she could start the new school with a new name.  No she does not know yet, why? Well Saturday she has a visit with her family and I don’t want her to be torn between us. I will tell her on Sunday before church so that she knows and has time to process before the real day. Also my church family is bad at keeping secrets.

We met with the new case manager yesterday and she was told when N was not home. She was thinking of coming up for it but I am not sure how I felt about that. She was paying more attention to her phone yesterday then N when she was talking. I know N can drone on but come on engage at least. Well she did engage but the phone bugged me a bunch. Must be a pet peeve of mine.

So Thursday we will drive 2 hours and 15 minutes north for the second time in less than a week to go to court…sigh…oh well at least it is not winter. I was thinking we might go to Water Safari afterwards if it is nice and the girls are up for it. My BFF will be there and a bunch of people that N knows from her life before us. The DSS worker already told me she would be crying so I will be sure to pack tissues. I am hoping we can Facetime my family so they can see it as there is no need for them to drive 4 hours and 15 minutes for a 15 minute process.

One day closer….can’t wait to get this done!!!

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