Casting Call

Sounds like an interesting thought doesn’t it?? What if I said it was real and we all actually went to a casting call for an upcoming movie that Ben Stiller is going to produce for Showtime???

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Yes I drove the kids and my BFF 3 hours to audition for a part in a mini-series, why you ask? Well come on how many of you guys can say you have actually done this for real??? The movie will be called Escape at Dannemora. It is about the convicts that escaped a maximum security  prison and were on the run for 20 days. They were looking for extras and so M1, my Bff and I all tried out. M2 and N were too young to try out so I did not make them.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

We were told to be quiet about 150 times an hour. There were over 1100 people auditioning and we were numbers 583, 584 and 586. We got there at 11:20am and left at 9:10pm. OMG what an experience!!!! It was soo frustrating waiting and waiting and waiting. The kids got ugly, fussed, cried, argued and eventually we all go through it. What do those kind of numbers look like here you go…

KODAK Digital Still Camera

See how full it is, these were all the people going before us!!!!! See how full the balcony is, yep no kidding, hot and long. After a crazy insane number of hours waiting we finally get to the audition part. They asked if anyone had experience as a reporter so I raised my hand. I was separated from the group and led downstairs. M1 and my BFF were upstairs and M2 and N were sitting on the sides with other kids. I almost panicked but got through it. I had to read 3 lines and sound like the reporters who barrage people as they exit buildings. I did two takes and she said “very good” at the end. I am not sure it is really very good but whatever I was done and my 10 seconds of fame were done. So then I go upstairs in time to see this….


Yes the picture is horrid but it is M1 actually doing her audition. The person in the chair back toward us, my BFF who had just finished. I was so happy to snap this even if it is awful. M1 said it went well and of course with my luck she gets a call back and I don’t LOL. Oh well good for her if she does.

Soooo now it is 2am and yep we made memories today. I am pretty sure I got the whole “I’m gonna be famous” thing out of their system but also it gave them the chance to see first hand how these things work. They all said they had fun doing it and asked if we can do it again soon….ummm no too long a drive.

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