Family Reunion Part 1

Well the last four days have been a pure nightmare with bursts of sunshine but mostly heavy downpours. I am typing so tired, angry, frustrated and just pure exhausted I am not even sure I can get my thoughts all out….Let’s see how did this begin…..

This past weekend was my nephew’s baptism. I was to be his Godmother. The Baptism was on Sunday, we would spend part of Saturday with my sister, brother in law and niece and nephew. My youngest brother was suppose to come with his wife and his son and daughter as well. We would hang out till my sister went to her high school reunion and if my 5 year old niece was all right, we would take her and go to the pool at my hotel leaving my parents alone to babysit the 9 month old. Sunday brother two would come to church with his wife and daughter to the Baptism. Assorted friends and family would then come to the house and we would have dinner, drinks and socialize. Monday would be sibling time where we as a sibling group did something. Sounds good right???? Well here is what actually happened….

Thursday morning at 6am my Mom texts me and tells me that she has a bill in my name and the tables have not been paid for. I had two weeks earlier sent her a paid invoice from the vendor confirming this was the case. I reminded my mom this assuming she has a lot on her mind and of course wants it all to go smoothly. She writes back a really rude “I know bills when I get them and this was not paid it says so.” I could scream at this point…I led troops into combat and brought them out alive, I sure as heck can order tables, chairs and linens with no issues. I send her my bank account showing the deductions and she reminds me that I need to send that to the vendor who said I did not in fact pay. Yes all this before work…..Later that afternoon the vendor emails me, problem in accounting they did not check, yes in fact I was paid. I sent that email to my Mom and never heard back. Grrrrrrr……

Friday morning I get a text from Mom, chairs tables and linens arrived as scheduled. She seems surprised but whatever its done. Go to work and then head home, we head to the hotel and we are late because M2 decided it was a good day to melt down. Kids fought in the car over everything except that McDonalds was a good dinner. I asked M1 to put in the hotel address as I knew the exit but not precise location and she puts in the wrong city. When I ask her about it she yells at me that she did it right…ummm ok hotel is in Danbury, we are in Brookfield something was input wrong. I pull over make the corrections and find the hotel. We get in and I send them off to bed enough is enough for now.

Saturday we get to Mom’s for breakfast. All hugs and kisses and I see my niece for the first time in person in four years (at her baptism) !!!! She is a bit shy and her brother wants nothing to do with me. I feed him a banana, hmm ok maybe we can be acquaintances, feed him a bottle, well all right you can hold me. After a minute my niece warms up and we are hugging and snuggling like we have been together the whole time. I am sooooo freaking glad it worked out. My youngest brother can’t make it, he has to do things with his in laws, my sister is peeved and yells in my direction. I breathe after all she is stressed and the baby is off so my sister is off. I ask if she wants me to see if I can settle him and she snaps at me. I look at her and say “Look he is upset already, even if I fail its ok.” I take him and within minutes he is sound asleep. Yes I have that talent and can do it to any child. My sister is amazed and then starts crying she is sorry she ripped my head off but…..ok ok I get it. Breathe.

After a bit my nephew wakes up and is all happy and smiling. She then announces she is going with her in-laws to lunch and will be back in time for changing for the reunion. My parents on hearing this tell me I should go back to my hotel until later. Wow can’t feel the love there but all right off with us. Turns out M2 did not pack any toothbrush and I forgot a pair of shorts so we go to Walmart and get stuff, Friendly’s for lunch then a swim in the pool. All is well and although I feel a bit slighted ok whatever I am young enough to get over it. Girls seem chill so I will take it.

We go back to my parents and my niece flies into my arms and says she is going with me. I promise I will shower her and tire her out and off we go. Playground, dinner, pool, shower and back to the Grandparents. I arrive at the house and my father looks like he wants to scream, I look at my mom and she looks incredibly frustrated as well. I hear my nephew crying, I go in soothe him and put him to sleep. I come out and my parents do not seem to be happy. I ask if they want me to stay in case he wakes up and my Dad says “Well its not like we can’t handle him. I mean I don’t know why he would not settle down for us.” I feel like I should apologize for helping, I didn’t say they were not capable. They seem resentful that I quieted him down and got him to sleep so I wait a bit before leaving. I can’t win for losing sometimes.

M2 and N are going at it in the car ride home. I am not sure what to do. I am tired and frustrated. I focus on breathing as it is the only thing I can do. M1 announces her sandals are broken and has nothing to wear, really it is 9:30pm. Why on earth did you not say something sooner? Back to Walmart and of course M2 has another world class meltdown and is screaming at me in the store. I simply say “I am going to check out and go to the car. When you are done you can find me.”  When she realized I was serious she stopped her screeching and followed me out. Not sure I can ever go there again.

I get them to the hotel and dictate the shower order and what is to be done in the shower. They mutter and complain but I don’t care, if you did not need prompts this is not where we would be. They comply with my wishes and get into bed. I am exhausted now but have no sleep meds so guess what no rest for the wicked. I toss and turn until 4:21am when the smoke detector goes off. I jump out of bed terrified. I see no smoke, no fire nothing, oh ok false alarm and back to bed. It happens a few minutes later, then again and again. I go to the front desk and let them know it is going off. They tell me there is no emergency it is a bad battery they can fix it later. What do you mean get to it later, I am trying to sleep now!!! She shrugs and says there is no one to help. Good news the kids slept through it until 7:30 when they had to get up. I wake up exhausted, fantastic its Baptism day.

One thought on “Family Reunion Part 1

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  1. Ok wow.
    1. Welcome to CT!
    2. I cringe when your mom enters.
    3. You are a trooper! Helping crying babies and handling meltdowns.
    4. I hate when people say “So-and-so just needs a good spanking to set them straight!” But in your mom’s case this may very well be true!!!

    I’m sorry it was rough. You are a rockstar for sure!

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