Remembering to Track Progress

Sometimes I forget that I cannot measure the success of my kids, or my parenting skills based on current events. Having said that I must confess for the last few days I have been faulting myself like its my job for every minor mishap. Yesterday however something happened that made me take note. It unfolded like this…

I leave to drop M2 off at daycamp and I get a call from home it is M1. N is screaming and yelling and refusing to get on the bus for camp. I ask what happened and M1 is vague. She tries to get N on the phone and I get a “F** you I am not talking to her” M1 puts me on speaker and the conversation goes like this…..

‘OK N what is going on?  M1 took the goldfish out of my lunchbox and told me that I could not have them because I already have three snacks packed. It is not her f** right to take food away from me

OK so after I told you that you could have fruit if you wanted more than three snacks, you decided to go behind my back and get goldfish anyway? Yes (she then took me off speaker and talked regularly)

OK so M1 was trying to remind you that I had said fruit, which you can have but that you cannot have goldfish which I said you cannot have. I agree she should not have taken them away from you but do you understand why she did it? And again I am not saying she was right I am just asking if you understand why? Yes

All right then don’t throw this whole day away. You are going to have fun on a field trip and is M1 really worth getting in trouble for? No

Ok then refocus and do what you need to do. You can do that right? Yes

Of course you can because you are a good kid who can make good choices. OK but I don’t want to sit next to M1 someone can sit between us.

If Jacob (van driver) says that is all right then I am fine with it. Thank you for turning it around. OK see you later hugs and kisses.

Hugs and kisses to you too honey.

I have to admit I kind of hoped this day would come but it actually came and she did not beat the crap out of me or M1 and she did actually turn it around. When I picked her up last night it was like it never happened….wow…just wow….

So chalk that singular success up on the wall for this week. Phew long time coming but hey we got it and that counts.  Today well no walk in the park but yesterday I saw growth so re-focus and remember at some point I did contribute to it.

Yay!! Go our team.

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