Workplace Conundrum

I am not sure I write about my job but as of today things got a bit sticky. Let me start by saying I work for a great guy and my cubicle mate and I are super close. Love the team, love the job, the Director….well not everything is sunshine and roses…sigh….

So my boss is a young ambitious man and he went for an interview for a Director position at the Office of Children and Family Services. Now my work bestie and I felt for sure he would get the job. At first my boss denied that he went at all to me then later recanted and came clean. He admitted he went for the second  interview and that in his conditions for hire were that they take my cubicle mate (aka work bestie) with him as he goes. I was devastated, it was hard enough to think about losing him but to know he is taking my work bestie….well that tipped the scale the wrong way.

It was so tough because I want the best for them both. I know they are a good team and get crap done and that he will need her to be most effective. I am petty and selfish though and don’t want either to leave. Right now the only person shielding me from the brunt of the rudeness from the Director is in fact my boss….double sigh…..Then my boss asked me if I would move over there. I was honest and said I did not know. He told me that they really do training over there and that I could get more classroom time and curriculum development which are the two things I do enjoy…..but……

Remember my nightmare with the County DSS? Guess what the CPS worker who lied and did a crappy job works there now, the former Supervisor for foster care who fired me works there, the case worker when my kids were in care works there and the former head of adoption who fired our adoption worker is there. Of all of these, the case worker is the best person. She was sweet and kind so I have no issues seeing her the rest….well I can’t type those obscenities. When I did not say yes to the boss, he knew something was up so he sent my cubicle mate to inquire, when I told her she too sighed and shook her head. She totally understood how it could go terribly wrong. Honestly I could probably forgive all but the CPS worker for whom my disgust and contempt run high still.

So today my boss is offered the job. My cubicle mate and I have a long conversation about if our current agency will offer him something better and quite frankly I think not. She talked to me about moving and it made me sad because again I love being with her and we really are close but I know she too can do better and don’t want to see her held back. I think the world of my boss too and again want to wish him well but selfishly I am not there yet. After a very long conversation my work bestie looked at me and said “Oh yeah I was not suppose to tell you.” Fantastic now I have to keep secrets…just great.

I wish I knew the solution. I do hope he takes the job, I think it will be more fulfilling to him professionally, but I also don’t want to lose him. What is that saying “between a rock and a hard place”  yep right there. Oh well lets hope it all works out in the end.

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