Second Camping Trip

This weekend we got to go camping with the Little’s. They had asked if they could go after our first trip and their Grandfather said absolutely as long as I was all right with it. Really you kidding??!? Of course I will take them !!!!!!

We decided to go to Hearthstone Point this time around. It is my BFFs favorite spot so it is a bit longer drive but a nice spot for older campers as there is not much kid things to do. I was good though and packed tons of toys, balls, frisbees, buckets and shovels so we would have plenty to do past walking. We were suppose to go from Friday to Sunday but it was a down pour on Friday so we went to the movies and saw Despicable Me 3 and then on Saturday we went up. My BFF was also suppose to come but she bailed last minute so it was just me and the kids.


Look familiar yep same tent. It is a 6 person but we don’t usually have 6 so it works. Plus Little Man and Little Bit are in fact still little so we all did fit inside. We got up there set up tents and tarps as I knew it would rain at some point. The younger kids did parcour off the rocks and stumps while we set things up and seem to be having a good time. I fed them lunch and we went swimming. All was good until I looked up and saw the storm from Hades fast approaching. I grabbed the kids and we, and the rest of the beach goers booked off the lake and took to cover.

The deluge lasted 30 minutes and flooded our tent sides, camp site, chairs and picnic table. M1, N and I struggled to get the water to flow off the back of the tarps by adjusting tension and eventually we got it to work. We were soaked. I told the younger ones just play outside, I mean we were in our swim suits already, no point taking cover when you can have fun in the rain. OMG they all had so much fun!! Yes M1, N and I did to once the tarps were up we stomped in puddles and shook wet branches at each other. Finally cleared and we went to get wood for the fire and dinner.

150 Anyone know what these are? They are the infamous tin foil dinners you hear about. While they can contain almost anything, these 5 had hamburger, carrots and potatoes. I made mine after the kids as I do not eat meat (hence why the foil count is off). The kids find these fascinating and after all the craziness of the day chowed down like it was their job. I then had them change into pajamas before we did the s’mores. Yes of course we had s’mores. Doubt the number of us…take a look….

From left to right, M2, M1, Little Bit, N (pink sweater) and Little Man

After smores we did teeth, wash up and sat by the fire for a bit. They were tired but did not want to go to bed. I put them in the tent around 9:30 and all were asleep by 9:45. I sat up for a while playing with my camera modes on the phone. I took a bunch of crappy fire pictures but two I did like.

We got up in the AM and packed up to head home. M1 had a head to toe rash, turns out she is allergic to her anti-depressant, sigh….oh well. They all had fun and when we dropped the Little’s off they were both super excited to have come with us.  Now they are all showered and in bed. I will finish up here and head off myself, phew it was a lot of work but totally worth it. PS Yes M1 is fine, she took benedryl and prednisone and is feeling much better.

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