Day Camp Crisis

This week M2 started day camp at the YMCA. She has gone here before but never by herself. OK I knew she would be anxious. I tried to get her to talk and she remained sullen. I tried to encourage her and she lashed out. OMG so frustrating but it is what it is.

First day of camp we get there and she refuses to get out of the van. She out and out refuses and threatens to “kick my ass” if I try to get her out. She spends the next two hours alternately running and swearing at me at the top of her lungs. Did I mention I am at the YMCA and all the other patrons are there observing this? Did I mention at one point M2 hauled off and slugged me? Oh and when she made contact someone I use to work with, walked past. THANK GOODNESS she knew the backstory for M2 so she just said “Hey is there something I can do to help?” I thanked her and said it would be fine.

Finally she calms down enough to get over to the registration table. When she is there the camp director sends over a counselor who worked with her in the past. David sat down and started talking to her calmly and M2 was responding past “get the f** away from me” which is what I was getting. David talked for several minutes to her then said “Hey let’s let Mom go to work and we can have fun together is that alright?” M2 looked up nervously but I kissed her head and said “You are braver than you think and stronger than you believe” and left.

Fast forward six hours and I go to pick her up. She is with David and all smiles. She was laughing and talking with him. The other counselor told me she had a basically good day and that they appreciate the time I took with her in the morning. All I could think was “what I had options?” I thanked him and reminded him and David if there were ANY issues call me before it gets crazy. I was willing to work with them and knew my kid could be a challenge. They laughed but I insisted I was serious. The camp director overheard my conversation and reiterated I was always willing to work with the staff. Phew at least I have that going on.

We get home and she goes to give me a hug. Inside I cringe I am still pissed I was two hours late to work for nothing. I know patience but darn it there was no need especially when I knew she would love it. I do give her a hug though and she tells me she is sorry. I say “Well what are you sorry for the yelling, cursing, running away or punching me?” She gets a dejected look on her face and says “All of it” OMG I want to scream at her because hey sorry doesn’t fix everything but I don’t. I remind her that I had feelings too and they were most definitely hurt this morning.

This morning she jumps out of bed and is ready to go. Yikes this will be easier. We get there and at first she does not get out of the van. I curse under my breath and say nothing. Eventually she gets out and when she sees the look on my face she gets indignant and says “Mooooommmmmmm I was finishing my bagel.” Oh of course but no not where my mind had gone but yes in fact she did have a bagel in the van she was eating. Another day another good report. I was so relieved. She told me today that she wanted to go back and that camp was “awesome”.

Breathe and don’t say I told you so, no one likes a braggart. She bounces off to bed tonight and again apologizes because she knew I was right. I thank her for apologizing and kiss her good night. So frustrating but still she did it and now she is doing it so good for her.

Next week M1 and N go to camp. It should be interesting.

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