First Camping Trip


I took the kids camping this weekend. We use to camp a lot but the last two years we sort of cut back because of all the nonsense I had to endure. I decided this year we would do it as it was time for the family to be a family WITHOUT electronics causing use not to talk to each other. Plus I will be honest, I work two separate jobs, Training for the State and then a product description writer for a company I cannot name (the info you read on websites telling you about a product, yep I write those). I wanted a break from it all and getting out into the woods and living without is just what I needed.

Soooo I pack up the mini van with the tent, a cooler, a bunch of tarps, sleeping bags and all the rest. Now N had never been camping, well not really. Her version of camping was sleeping in the gym and making s’mores on a fire…ummmm no not real camping. M1 and M2 do enjoy camping and they were trying to tell her all about it but it is hard to explain something to someone who has no frame of reference. They tried though and of course I did the filling in of details. The weather was spotty of course because hey it rains every time I go camping, thank goodness for tarps.

We get the tarps up and within minutes of putting up the tent, well here comes the rain. No issues because I had packed pasta salad for the first night in case we ran too late to make a fire before needing to sleep. Kids were in good spirits and after instruction on how to open a sleeping bag for N, they went to bed. Rained poured all night long but hey we were dry and they were sleeping it was all good.

The weekend was good but it did rain intermittently. N had a ton of firsts, she never had seen a Dutch oven so the French Toast we made over the fire, literally amazed her at breakfast. We made tin foil dinners, another first as she had never realized fire can be used to cook. She learned about slip knots, tying tarps, packing tents and of course we hiked her legs off. Ok no not really, after all I am just recovering so the hike was pretty but not all that long because, yeah I can’t last LOL.


We were at Moreau Lake State Park in case you wondered and I would highly recommend it if you have kids. There is a few play grounds and a swimming area. I took the kids swimming and they  loved it. M2 and N also went to the playground for a while because hey it is fun to swing I don’t care who you are. We taught N how to chop wood and start a fire. We ate s’mores and drank gallons of water as it was warm.

They all had a blast but did not sleep all that well. M2 had a melt down and started yelling at one point. Forgive me but at times like this I want a sign that says “Please ignore us my child is diagnosed with Autism” But no it does not exist so I try to talk her down as she is threatening to throw rocks at me and is cursing. It took almost an hour but finally she was talked down. I am not sure what the other campers thought of me but yikes I hope I never see them again it was embarrassing. How much can she control, who the heck knows but I was grateful it was over.

I stared at the fire a lot of nights, and just enjoyed the peace that brings me. I am not sure why but I love watching flames dance. After the melt down, my BFF made a bigger one to show her support to me at times like this.

Yep taken on two different nights. I took the first one with no flash and the second one in sport mode. Yep a giant kid I play with phone settings.

Brought them home and they all went to bed. I woke them up, fed them dinner and back to bed they went again. They were exhausted so yep going to use that to my advantage. We will go again in July and they are looking forward to it so that is good.

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  1. I cannot make a slipknot. But I CAN make a sign that says, “Please ignore us, my child has been diagnosed with Autism.” Just let me know how much glitter you want on that poster board!

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