Belt Testing

This past Saturday the girls did their testing in TKD. It was happy and sad for me. Happy because I got to see them, sad because I was sidelined. I had been working hard too but it was not meant to be I guess.

This was N’s first test. Yikes so many things I did not tell her before hand. She got in trouble for talking during the test time, big no-no. She took her time doing the exercises and got momentarily mad when people did not cheer her on (they did in class after all). She didn’t follow about 8 directions and finally the assistant from our school went and stood between her and another young man who I suspect is close to N in functioning years. Oh my oh my but in the end it worked out.

N yellow belt
N during the belt ceremony. She moved to Yellow.

M1 did well but but put almost no effort into it….grrrr so maddening. She could be so much better than she is yet she does not care to do any better than the minimum. She had to spar one of the other parents and M1 took an illegal hit. J, the other parent was so upset and apologized a half a million times. M1 took it in stride and of course took the point for the hit as well. She was not hurt though so in the end it was all right I suppose.

M1 Adv Blue
M1 during the belt ceremony moving to Advanced Blue

M2 was a bundle of nerves and almost talked herself out of the test. She desperately wanted her sister to catch up to her and was willing to toss aside a test to let it happen. After a small pep talk by me and my BFF, she took the  mat and clearly outshone her sister again. I was super proud of her and yes she is still a higher rank than her sister. It was not without tears though but the Grandmaster’s daughter encouraged her every step of the test so I am VERY grateful.

M2 Purple
Very blurry pic of M2 during the belt ceremony. She is now Purple

A good day overall for them though and they were mostly proud of themselves. I took video of them sparring and M1 remarked how poorly she looked. I had to choke back the whole “I told you so” but hey at least she saw it. I also did a video of their form and M1 looked at it and said “Wow that really doesn’t look good” Ummmm no you can do better glad you can see it now. Oh well such as it is she now has proof of what everyone has been telling her. Will it improve her, nope not a bit but at least she knows what we were talking about now.

As for me well due to Anaplasmosis and Lyme Disease I did not test at all. Good news I stayed awake for their testing and did see it all. We went out to dinner after to celebrate, well all right I was too tired too cook but that is all right they enjoyed it. They went to be quite proud of themselves and I was just glad that all three made it through without any melt downs.

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  1. This post gave me a lot of hope. Even if M1 isn’t putting in the effort, it still sounds like the girls accomplished lots by getting through without meltdowns. I’m so proud of M2 for moving up, even though she is ahead of her sister. Good for her!

    I hope you feel better soon.

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