New Word-Huge Impact

Yesterday I learned a new word. It is called Anaplasmosis. It is a bacterial infection caused but a tick bite. I learned this word because yesterday the doctor told me that is what I had. While it was good to finally have an answer, the last few days has been a bit scary.

Saturday I had mowed the lawn. Now I have a grass allergy so after mowing I take a shower. I got out of the shower and about an hour later realized I was cold. Hmm it was 68 degrees and I am never cold, this can’t be good. You know the phrase “ignorance is bliss” good thing I had no idea what was to come. By 8pm I was shaking uncontrollably and could not for the life of me get warm. I take motrin go to bed. Next day I cannot move, I know I have a fever but not sure how high as my thermometer is broken. My friend comes over with a thermometer and I see the result…103

Monday, Tuesday same thing. I go to urgent care they tell me its probably just some viral thing. I ask about work they tell me I can go if I want to. OK I had a fever of 102.5 and work is fine to go to. They won’t write me a note and tell me not to worry, it is probably just a momentary thing and I will be better in the morning. I request they do the tick panel and they comply. I live in the country it is possible. They down play it and tell me to just take motrin, it will be fine. It is viral they say, you should wake up fine tomorrow.

Yesterday they called me and told me that I had Anaplasmosis. I was so grateful that there was a diagnosis but still felt like crud. I was given an antibiotic and told bed rest for several days. No work and no TKD. Yeah I can’t walk more than 20 feet without almost falling down, not gonna pass that test anyway. The kids almost had a nervous breakdown to see me so incapacitated for so  long. They all did their best and pitched in to cook for themselves and took turns bringing me motrin. M1 brought the doxy as needed.

Today I feel tons better, still too dizzy to do much but no fever and have been awake for more than 10 hours straight. Yes going to bed soon, this much awake time is tiring LOL.

So please check for ticks folks. I did not know I had been bit. I had no rash or anything, just a cluster of very painful body parts, pounding headache and a fever out of control. It is NOT Lyme disease, it can be detected with a separate test but its not always a known thing to test for. Yes I was also tested for Lyme and my doctor is pretty sure it will come back positive too, but for now be aware and know in case you know someone going through this.

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  1. Thanks ABM. The Lyme Disease test came back positive today so that means 21 days of antibiotics. I had to laugh the county health department called me to confirm both diagnosis and to ensure I was getting treatment. They told me it could take weeks for the exhaustion to clear but fever gone so I am really happy!!!!

  2. Hope you are feeling good soon. So hard to be exhausted all the time and live your life.
    Hugs to you.

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