Tae Kwon Do Test Preparation

Next Saturday we all have to test for Tae Kwon Do. M1 will be going for her advanced blue belt, N will go for her yellow belt and M2 will go for her purple belt. Me, well I am testing for my second piece of yellow tape. First degree black belts have 9 levels until their second degree. I am going for my fourth level.

M1 and N missed the last test because they did not have enough stripes from attendance. This time they have enough attendance stripes and are good to go. M2 and I are missing 3 classes so we have until next Saturday to make it up. M2 was told by the Grandmaster’s daughter that she has to go to class on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday to be good for the test. The Grandmaster told me I had to go Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Yep missing three must take 5, apparently TKD counting is different than standard counting. I should have guessed that though because whenever they say one more minute in class, it never works out that way. Oh well onward we go.

The girls test is 45 minutes and consists of  their form, basic movements and sparring. My test is 2 hours and consists of basic movements, three forms, self defense, knife defense, sparring and nunchucks. Yes there are actually different words for self defense and knife defense but I cannot spell them so it looks weird but promise they are totally different. I will test first and then we have 20 minutes to change into our judges outfits and grab a drink before we start to grade everyone else. Good news we all smell bad together because none of us can shower.

M2 is starting to get nervous about the test. She is convinced she does not know her form yet she can do it over and over with no issues. Yep self confidence is lacking. M1 and N are sure they are perfectly fine in just about anything so…yay no concerns. I am glad two are confident, but concerned they are too much so, but they do know their stuff so I am not too worried. M2 well the hard part will be getting her on the mat and once she is out there she will be fine. I will not be able to watch them test though because as soon as M2 sees me she folds and cannot continue. Apparently it is too hard for her to perform in front of Mom so I am off to the side and can watch from the sidelines between grading my students to see how they are doing.

Personally I dread testing. I know I know my forms, defensive moves and basic movements. I know most of nunchucks, out of 20 moves I remember and can do 18. What do I hate….ummm the two hour piece. It just goes on and on for ever it seems and boy oh boy it is tiring. I mean I am in fair shape but yikes, the warm up is 50 jumping jacks, 30 push ups and 30 sit ups. I know standards are higher because we are black belts but come on we get tired too….LOL

So I will spend the next week practicing with M2 to boost her confidence. I will work with M1 and N to not be overconfident as that will lead to foolish errors. I will do my best not to get hurt or over run myself with all these classes. I know this is good for all of us as it is good exercise and sometimes we have fun but yikes testing is stressful. Next Saturday….well we shall see what comes but hopefully success on all fronts so we can all go home happy and promoted.

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  1. I love that you all do this as a family. It sounds like TKD has a lot to teach about responsibility and respect not just fighting. Maybe we should check this out at my house. Good luck!

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