“Not Right” Tacos

So for a few weeks now M1 has been asking if she can make tacos for dinner. Well since I am allergic to beef I have been saying no. But I just had a tooth extraction and so I could not eat with the family so I bought all the fixings for tacos and told M1 to go wild. Now please be clear I did ask if she knew what she was doing and if she needed help. She said yes she made them at a friends house and no she did not need my help.

She makes the dinner and it smells OK. I am not sure what is not great about it but maybe the pain and the meds have me off so I will let it slide. The girls say the tacos are all right but M1 said “Well Mom makes them better.” I remind her I have been cooking since I was her age and not to get discouraged as she will get better as long as she keeps trying. Regrettably I cannot taste her meal to give her pointers but whatever they all ate it.

Flash forward to Sunday. I wanted to clean the house but it was really nice outside and the girls wanted to ride their bikes. I told them bring laundry to the laundry room so I can get a start on it and then be safe but go. I mean it was a nice day and I am all for exercise. While they are out I get a ton done and frankly enjoyed the time to myself even if I was doing chores. The girls come home from riding and M1 asks me what are the options for lunch. Usually on Sunday we have leftovers and for whatever magical reason I am the only one who seems to know what is in the fridge.

So I said to her “Well there is plenty of meat leftover from tacos and we have the shells so why don’t you heat that up and have that for lunch. Will that work?” All three girls agree it sounds good. A few minutes later I see M1 portioning meat onto three plates and do not see steam. I asked if she heated it and she said that she was serving before heating it. I said “Well would it make more sense to heat it first one time then prepare three separate dishes and heat each separately?”  I must have lapsed into French as the look of non comprehension on M1’s face was clear. Oh well not hurting anything so I walk away.

They sit down to eat and M1 takes a bite. She suddenly says “Eww no that doesn’t taste right?” I go over to look and cannot see what the problem is so I ask. She tells me the meat doesn’t taste right. Well I can’t help you I can’t eat it or you will have to call the ambulance for me so clarify what you mean by not right. Is it bad? She is not sure. She then clarifies it is not bad but it is not right if that made sense. I agreed it did and yes it did to me.

I walk into the kitchen to put the dish towels away and see a white envelope on the counter. I pick it up and it said “seasoning”. I start to giggle. I say to M1 “Hey kiddo when you cooked the meat did you use all the ingredients in the box?” She said no she left one package of salsa so we could use it later. I bring her the envelope and show it to her. She nods and says “Yes that salsa.” Umm no this is the seasoning for the meat that you should have put on when you were cooking it the first time. M1 looks dumbfounded at me. I try hard not to laugh but can’t help but smile and say “All right kiddo live and learn. Next time follow the directions on the box or ask all right?” She gets all wide eyed all of the sudden and says “Ooooohhhhh so that is why it doesn’t taste right?!?!” Ummm yes.

So tacos without seasoning is what the kids had and me and my BFF got a good chuckle out of it. Oh well no one was harmed and now she knows. LOL

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  1. that’s actually how we do tacos at our house. we throw away the seasoning packet. guess we’re not right. ; )

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