Great escape at the Great Escape

great-escape-lake-george-sign-small OK disclaimer, I took the above photo from the Lake George Visitor page but yep that is where we went this weekend. Little Man was thrilled that he was tall enough to ride the one ride he wanted to ride, the Boomerang. OK now I enjoy a good roller coaster BUT I am TERRIFIED of heights so the only way I can do most rides is with my eyes closed. Yep silly but hey here is me and my Little Man on the Boomerang


We are in the 5th car from the front see us?!?!?! Yeah I can’t either  my eyes were closed LOL. You get pulled up backwards and hang for a moment, which I hate the most as the harness moves off my shoulders and I am absolutely convinced this will be my cause of death. We get released and pure joy for me as I spin, loop and twist up other side.  Then the best part the whole thing backwards. Why the best part because as gravity shoves me back into my seat I know for sure I am not going to fall off and of course live to ride again.

Little Man well he was all talk macho BS until the thing moved then he was frightened and screaming two year old. OMG so funny to hear him yelling “OMG WE ARE GOING TO DIE. I KNOW WE ARE GOING TO DIE!!!” and then from me all you hear is a very calm, Yep buddy it does feel that way but if it was really dangerous you know I wouldn’t let you do it. We are safe, our harnesses work and we will be going down soon. More screams as the countdown from three and the release happens. I am laughing he is screeching like it was his job. We get to the end and I actually have to lift him out of the seat he is so shaky. Phew, good thing he is only 48″ tall and 60 lbs. I steady him down the ramp and he is good by the time we get to my BFF, M2 and Little Bit. He acts all casual but once he is out of earshot I tell my BFF what really happened. #scaredhalftodeath, #almostpeedhispants

Little Bit love the Condor ride and when we first got in she started with “I scared Mommy” I laughed and said “Do what I do close your eyes” and then my BFF snapped this photo of us before take off.


Little Bit road that ride at least 6 times, pretty much with all of us at least once. She could not get enough and laughed pure joy each time. She also enjoyed the Canyon Blaster which we rode as M2 and Little Man rode the Steamin Demon and M1 and N rode the bumper cars. Unfortunately when you are only 37″ tall your ride choices are limited but these were fun I must admit. I did very much enjoy Canyon Blaster and despite me wanting her to ride it with my BFF, she insisted both rides had to be with me. It was I admit one of the few rides I don’t actually close my eyes on. Funny story though, one of the ride operators said to me “Ma’am can I ask why you close your eyes?” I laughed and said “Well if I leave them open I will throw up than faint (completely true).” He laughed and said “Enjoy your ride with closed eyes then.”

We spent six hours there and aside from momentary bickering it actually all worked out. Once they started to get tired though I trucked them all home. All but N fell asleep in the hour drive to the  Little’s Grandfather’s house. They all said they had fun and I did too admittedly. Best part is I can take my  kids a few more times this summer as we have a season pass!!!

So the momentary reprieve from dismal every day was a success. Today I am back to “How many times must you be asked to clean your room?” “What were you thinking when you told me I am lazy?” “Exactly who is supposed to clean up after you as the maid has not been hired yet?” You know the usual parenting non exciting, keep my eyes open all the time sort of thing.

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