Weekend Planning

Tomorrow we are having a wonderful gift, we get Little Man and Little Bit for the weekend. We are planning to start out by going swimming at the YMCA then either spaghetti or burgers for dinner. Sunday we are going to Great Escape.

I figured in the midst of all this trauma it would be good for all of us to just forget for awhile what we are mired in. Taking  the kids and my BFF to the park will provide fun and memories that I know they will enjoy. I hope it brings a shimmer of happiness to what is the many dark times we are having as of late.

When I told the girls that we had season passes they were over the moon excited. We can use them here in Lake George…well all right Lake George isn’t really here it is more like and hour and twenty minutes away or drive to Mass. to use them there. If we go three times they will have paid for themselves, I am ornery we might go four times. This weekend the water park won’t be open but that is all right because it will only  be mid-sixties, as it gets hotter though this will be great fun I hope. We are taking the Littles because they won’t ‘have a chance to go, their Grandfather doesn’t drive and it is too expensive.

I want to go on the Comet as it is my favorite. The girls are hoping to do a bunch of things and I am seriously considering letting M1 and N go off for a bit on their own. Little Man and M2 can hang with me and my BFF and Little Bit well she won’t leave my side I am sure. I hope it works out and is not a bust but one can never tell these days. But I will put away my usual pessimism and keep hopeful for this.

I also found out today that FINALLY DSS has filed their paperwork for the adoption. I know we still have to wait but at least it is all done now and we just need a date.

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  1. Sounds like an awesome plan. Hope you all have a fantastic day.
    Super glad you are having Little man and Little Bit as well. They must be super excited.

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