Mud Fest Fun

It is that time of the year again. It is time for the annual mudfest which we love to go to.

mudfest intro

It is a run in memory of one of the victims of the Newtown school shooting, Daniel Barden. I grew up about 10 minutes from Newtown and one of my friends from college knows the Barden family. Out of loyalty and remembrance each year we do this run. OMG it is fun but a killer, uphill most ways and not I am NOT kidding. But for fun and for family each year we trek here to participate and to see my friend and her family.

Can I tell you I am soooo freaking bruised right now. The course is a 5K and there are 15 obstacles. Now those are the 15 actual things to climb up and down, there is PLENTY of mud between obstacles and sloughing through it can be a venture that takes quite a bit longer then you would think. Did I mention the hills? Yes the hills are sooo steep they have ropes so you can pull yourself up them. Nope not kidding. You also have ropes to go down when they  haven’t made a slick mud slide to go down on your butt. Actually that part is really fun, just think slip and slide but with mud.

Now N has not done this particular mudfest with us but she did do one before. So on top of having to get her appropriate clothing, running pants and wick away shirts, we also had to advise her how to go up and down hills absolutely covered in mud. You slip so many times it is just a matter of when you fall and face plant. But there is a team spirit and everyone is very helpful. For those of us that are a little more “obstacle challenged” you can walk around them as long as you cheer on the ones on the obstacle. Now I am larger sized so some obstacles are too hard but I am also super strong so I have the main role of lifting people up and over when necessary.  My arms got quite the workout today I must admit. I am sure I tossed about 19 people over walls and then acted as the blocker holding up 4 men who were using themselves as a ladder for their females co-horts. Heehee you should have seen the look when they were done and realized a woman was at the bottom holding everyone in place!!!! Good times and using my powers for good.

edited mud run

See how clean we all are? Well all right the last person in the kilt is my BFF and I muddied everyone’s face for privacy reasons. But as you can see by the filth on all of us, the mud is real!!!! The kids were all super excited I mean how many times in your life have you slid down a mud slide which is over 4 feet long more then once in one day? Today we had 3 slides and none were under 6 feet long. Exhausting and yet soo very much family fun.

So then we drove two hours home which turned out more because I had to stretch a bit as my legs were super tight. We got home and the kids took their showers one by one and the crawled into bed. Yeah it is 7pm and only N is up right now and she is showering. I know as soon as she is done she will crawl into bed and I am thinking I might make it to 8:30pm but not sure too much later LOL.

All right not your traditional family affair but hey works for us and if any readers ever want to join use, come on by there are so many people it is doubtful we will actually meet in person.

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