Clothing Wars

I must admit I am a pretty conservative dresser. I am plus size so some outfits just won’t work for me. I have three children, female children, and oh Lordy do we have clothing wars!!! Yes some fun some serious but here is the low down.

M1 is deep down a girly girl. She does not like people to know that and can live just find in skinny jeans and leggings. She is slender build so a lot looks good on her. She is particular to cami’s and sweatshirts but will put on a dress for a family occasion without much prompting. She has several Cinderella type dresses she loves and looks for excuses to wear them. If you ask her she says she is a tomboy. Girly the four pairs of boots, three pairs of heels and ballerina flats DO NOT say tomboy. Our biggest “fight” to wear some color other than black. She does not look that awesome in it but this phase is aggravating me. I got her out of skulls, so black is next.

N is a complete girly girl and embraces it. Now she came from an institution so many of our challenges have to do with what to wear and not to wear. She cannot wear a tight shirt and leggings because she is a bit bigger and it does not flatter. Also if your stomach is out when your arms are up you are done. Yes I know those are your favorite jeans, they are stained you are not wearing them to school. Honestly she truly does not know any better as no one has taught her otherwise. Tons of instruction goes on with her about what colors and styles go together. Yes your clothes must be free of rips, stains and have working zippers/buttons. No I do not care what your staff let you wear, you are NOT leaving the house like that. Yes we have money for clothes you don’t have to keep the pants and tops that make it hard to breathe.

M2 is my little tomboy. She is the biggest challenge of all. She is a tomboy through and through and can be bribed into a dress but protests regularly when in it. She has sensory issues so not any clothing will do. Only certain cottons, certain cuts etc will be worn. If it is not in the group melt downs ensue. Yeah shopping for her is a nightmare. Yes she has 4 pairs of the same shorts, she likes them and the different colors let me know she is changing them. Yes she has the same bras, they are the only ones she will wear, yes they are clean trust me I do make sure she is changing. Shoes…..egad…it is a nightmare any time we have to do this. Its too tight, its too bright, its too whatever. I take her shoe shopping alone as no one, including me, has enough patience to tolerate this frustration.

Each and every day I check outfits. Is it long enough, are you wearing a cami? Really those colors, come on. No its a gym day where the heck are your sneakers? Get back here you wore that yesterday and did not do laundry last night!!! Yikes but other Moms you feel me right?!?!?!

Where does this lead me most days….well I have to be honest today I went to work with one brown sandal and one black sandal. Either I have to get different style shoes (no gonna happen) or have a kid check me before we go. Ah well my coworkers had a good laugh and the other Mothers were very sympathetic.

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  1. 🙂 I have a pretty distinct style and Hope has hers. She presents as a tomboy, but I suspect that it’s a mask. Like you I had to break her out of a lot of stuff when she first moved in; she was so tiny with big boobs. The first thing to go was v necks and the first thing to be purchased: proper bras. She’s gained about 30lbs over the last couple of years and filled out quite a bit. I think she hides in jeans and tees because they kind of camouflage her body.

    I’m hoping she gets more comfortable in her body as she matures. I’ve stopped fighting it; I could have worse problems than her wanting to be in jeans and quality tees. I just recently got over the fact that she sleeps in her clothes–the height of laziness; but I have also let that go for my own sanity. Hang in there!

  2. Lol that is so funny. I’m glad N is getting new clothes. We had a child who was so emotionally attached to a pair of stained jeans that we had to let them stay. We went with the “distressed” look for the ripped knees. Then we bought iron on patches to cover the stains. But they were skulls. I’m not sure if patches come in other kinds! Haha.
    I think it’s awesome you’ll get a “kid check “

  3. My daughter has been going through a phase where she wants to wear the same pants all week. She does have sensory processing disorder so that may play a part in it but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have other identical pants in different patterns. It’s gotten to the point that we let her wear them 2-3 days in a row, depending on how dirty she got, and then toss them in the garage because otherwise she digs them out of the dirty laundry. She started doing the same thing with shirts but we put out food down on that one and she hasn’t pressed her luck… yet.

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