Bike Rides, Baptism, Communion and Easter

Super duper busy weekend this weekend. Wow so much happened so fast. On Saturday the weather was beautiful so we decided to go on a bike ride. We have trails in Albany which are off the road and relatively level so even less experienced riders can be safe. I bought two bikes from Craigslist for M2 and N and after filling tires we were off.

Yes it is along the Hudson River, which is what you can see in the background. We rode from one city to the next a total of just over 6 miles. The girls were all very proud of themselves and the fact they “survived the ride”. Yep that dramatic flair keeps raising its head.

Saturday night we colored eggs as per our traditions. N had not really colored them before so she required a ton of instruction and reminders to not be so rammy. She did a good job though and in the end we had a very colorful box of eggs in front of us.


We shuffled everyone off to bed and then the fun of the baskets began. I really like making the baskets for the kids. I like it soooo much better than Christmas to be honest. So once the kids were in bed, the baskets got filled, thank you BFF for your help.

I don’t do a ton of candy as they tend to fight A LOT when I do. They each got their favorites and of course some smaller stuff which is more useful. When they got up they loved their baskets. N had never had a basket before so she was a bit surprised as to all that it contained.

Our Church at Easter

Easter was also N’s Baptism and First Communion. I had bought her a fairly elaborate dress for the occasion and she looked every bit the princess. She beamed the whole time and my parents even came up to enjoy the festivities. We enjoyed a sharing brunch and my parents got to meet the many of the congregants. They seemed to have a good times as well before they had to leave.

Sooo the day is coming to an end and dinner will soon be served. I cooked up a smaller meal for me and my BFF as it was crazy crazy this weekend. The ham is in the crockpot, yes I do a crockpot ham, the salads are all prepared and as soon as I am done typing the beans will be cooked.

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