Oh Right- There was Pre-Vacation Drama

Back to work today and of course back to usual things. I was balancing out my time requests as the IEP season is upon us and I can see that I have 3/9/17 flagged on my calendar. Hmmm curious..I open it up and it says “court” what court? N’s permenancy hearing is Thursday. Oh frig that is right my friend’s daughter has court. I shoot the daughter a text, what is the scoop. Did the worker ever get back to you on me visiting with the kids?

Day passed and I hear nothing. OK not a big deal, no immediate court date and lots going on at her end. I will email her mom tonight get the scoop. Ad I tuck the kid in my phone rings, it is my friend’s daughter.

“ANYM, it’s S can you talk? (I said yes) Look the kids case manager is looking to move the kids out of their current home. Apparently  the current foster mom is not treating the kids well and she is being fairly negligent with them. We are going to call her tomorrow and remind her you will take them but can you take them before 3/9/17 if you had too?”

OK S is not always clear in her communications so I don’t weigh to much of her statement. She told me more information on how the other kids foster mom actually reported her after she had them for the weekend (remember 5 homes for 8 kids). She also said her Mom is going to make a report because of what the kids told her. Well all right Mom does not usually exaggerate things and report nothing.

I remind her work through the kids law guardian, her lawyer and the kids case manager. I reminded her not to do anything or say anything stupid to the DSS worker as that will only get her in more trouble. I feel sort of at a loss I mean I can’t do anything really but be supportive. I can’t make the system work and well the system doesn’t have to work with me. So tonight offer up another prayer for the kids and hope that it is not too awful or just a misunderstanding. Pray for safety and a speedy resolution too.

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