Part Two-Vacation Memories

One of the neat things about adopting is that while you miss some of the traditional firsts, first steps, first words you do get to have your own firsts with your teen. This vacation went catastrophically wrong in so many ways and yet it also went right in some important ones. The firsts we had on this trip, first airplane ride, first trip to Magic Kingdom, first trip to Universal Orlando and the biggest one of all first trip as part of a family.

We met a friend at Magic Kingdom, my Army buddy and so I was thrilled to be there. My kids saw a side of me they probably did not know about me and that was the fact that I did in fact have a friend who was not voliale as sometimes my BFF is and likes to have fun. The rain poured down but we are Disney insiders so we could keep mostly out of the elements. On the plus side ride lines were short and Princess lines went really quickly.


M2 and N checking out the “tomb stones” at the Haunted Mansion

We saw somethings we had not before, enjoyed some favorites. I took M1 to see Cinderella her favorite princess, Ariel my and N’s favorite princess and Buzz Lightyear because M2 doesn’t really do princesses. We laughed a lot and had a blast. We rode so many rides since the lines were fairly short. The kids behaved mostly well and only got into minor arguments throughout the day. We stopped at the sweet shop on the way out and got our usual sugar sticks and jelly beans before we called it a night. Everyone was realy tired and well there is only so much enjoyment of life on three hours of sleep.

Next day we slept in for a bit then headed to Universal. We had never been to Universal so we were all excited. We were like tourists with the way we stared and ooed and ahhhed. So much to see and so many rides, it really was a lot of funp1030765

We watched something called the Horror Make Up show which showed you some of the makeup and special effects used in the horror movies. You learned about some of the more famous artists and got to see a bunch of fun gadgets. We walked through the Simpson’s world and yes I took my kids to “Moe’s Tavern” we enjoyed lunch there and no we did not drink LOL. Kids rode a few rides and enjoyed them thoroughly. We stopped in Barney land because M1’s idol was Barney. We did ET as we all enjoyed it and Diagon alley because all of use enjoyed that as well.

Next day we went swimming and the pool was soo cold. We were like ice cubes but had fun jumping in and spalshing for awhile. I got the kids laughing because I said to them “You know when we swim in Feb in Florida and it is not 80 we are proving we are not from the area.” They laughed. Another group of people came down and we warned them it was freezing but one jumped in anyway. She looked at us and said “Where on earth are you from that you can just stay in this water it is like ice?” I laughed and said upstate New York and she smiled and said that would explain it. We did not stay long and then off to the next day at Universal.

We did Islands of Adventure this time and enjoyed the Marvel section immensely. The kids are big time into Marvel and I did my best to just keep names straight. They all loved Spiderman and N especially enjoyed Storm and Rogue. No please don’t ask I have no idea.

Wolverine Store front

We did the Hogswart Express and the Harry Potter ride. WOW so much fun. The kids laughed hard and it was well worth it. As the day drew to an end M2 was struggling. I konw it is hard for her being in all new places and not sleeping well so after the last ride on the Mummy ride, we opted to go home before more chaos ensued. We got dinner at TGI Fridays and thoroughly enjoyed it as it was really well prepared. Back to the hotel and packed up before crashing for the night.

Next day off we went. Got to the airport on time and got to the check in 10 minutes before the mandatory time so all was well. Kids mostly slept on the airplane so that helped. Met my Mom in Newark and she drove us to her house. We got our van and headed up. Our puppy was super happy to see us and the kitties were not that far behind.

So all in all a lot of good memories and firsts. We did have some tremendous fun despite the challenges and yes I am already planning for next year.

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