Birthday Ups and Downs


OK the cake looked sad but she loved it. I felt bad on so many levels. I am usually better at cakes, see other birthday posts, but today I was rocking a cold from hades and oh yeah a fever of 101. Yuck not the time for this to happen I have to make birthday magic.

She LOVED LOVED LOVED her gifts and was so grateful it was nice to see. I was good I did not prod my two and point out how ungrateful they are so much of the time. She got several outfits, some fuzzy posters, a book The Giving Tree and jewelry. She hopped up and down at the fact I sent in cupcakes for her to give to her classmates, she had NEVER done that before. OK so a dozen chocolate cupcakes with orange flame frosting headed out the door. So little effort and yet so much happiness……sigh…..

Team meeting in the afternoon with the B2H people and crisis management. They wanted to be sure I was aware of what services were available to me should N go back into crisis and decide I was her punching bag. No I am not sure it will happen again but never hurts to have supports in place in case. Worst case, I can turn back not needed services. N was good and stated she understood the concerns. She also voiced she was never going to do that again and I do hope she is serious. I know she is trying and I know this is hard for her so I give her big props but worry it could happen.

Brought her to TKD and signed her into the next club level. She agreed to try to work hard toward her black belt and was super excited to get the new uniform. Everyone there congratulated her and wished her a happy birthday. Came home and made Kraft Mac and Cheese with hot dogs…egad so very gross. They all scarfed it down and then cake was had and the birthday songs sung.

Showers were taken and then she was tucked in. She hugged me super hard and told me I was her new super hero, even though I was “so hot”. I giggled and thanked her yeah kiddo I still don’t feel so awesome, but don’t care your day was made I can suck it up. Best “momming” I have done in a bit but so worth it for the smiles and the love I got tonight.

Happy birthday kiddo and here is to many many  more…..

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  1. That’s amazing. I’m sure N means what she says. She thinks she will ever do it again. You and I both know that when fight/flight kicks in, our kids can lose control. Kudos to you for putting supports in place. You are such a great mom (and super-hero!)

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