Happy Un-Institutional Birthday N

I cannot even wrap my mind around what is going through N’s head before she went to bed. She asked about a hundred questions about cakes, birthdays, presents and dinner. I assured her several times she picked the dinner as we could not go out it was a school night. She wants Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and hot dogs. I told her there would be gifts on the table when she woke up. She looked totally unsure like I was lying but she did not want me to be lying. Can you imagine spending the last 9 years in a place where they barely recognize the day you were born? She said that she got a cake, not personalized and no candles.

I had to ask the teacher how many kids are in the class as she had never brought cupcakes in for classmates. I had to clarify that we could not “just do anything” when it came to making a cake, I wanted her input. She stared at me blankly as I struggled to understand never having a personal cake. Thank goodness M1 had some suggestions for me or this would have been tough. So for right now here is the pile of presents she will see when she wakes up.


The top present is the one I hope she likes best. It is a silver necklace with her name spelled out in cursive. The rest, well clothes and some arts and crafts projects. Oh also the book “The Giving Tree”. The sole blue present, well that is from my parents so she will be thrilled when she wakes up…hmmmm maybe I should get to bed

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