Pseudo Political Thoughts

I need to be clear I DID NOT vote for Trump. I don’t hate you if you did, I don’t think less of you as a person or even wish you any ill will. It is after all a free country and I was willing to die for yours (and my) right to pick who we want to be the Commander in Chief. Am I concerned yes, but ya know what I have been worried about a lot of things before and sometimes nothing came of it.

When I was in the military I was on the General’s staff. Yes the head guy for the New York Army National Guard, I was on his staff. I have to tell you some were great and some, well I am happy they are retired. BUT at no time did it dawn on me to be disrespectful, rude, threatening or even think about causing harm to the people he brought with him because well we were all soldiers. I never chose my Adjutant General. He was assigned and we dealt with it. As soldiers we NEVER chose our leaders, some were promoted from within and well known, some were transplants from other states and unknown. Sometimes views match, some were scary and antiquated and some were more progressive.

We are in a democracy. We have a system of checks and balances. OK I get it the one you wanted did not get into office but what about all the Congressman and Senators. Surely you voted for some of them? Surely some of your voice was heard in other pieces of the government? Don’t get me wrong I see his crass attitude and way of conducting himself and I do get concerned how it will translate, but I ALSO have faith that some of the checks in the system will work. Yes Trump needs a groomer, he needs someone to tell him how to appeal to the masses because lets face it he has NEVER had to do that before. Being a bully worked for him, he needs to be taught to be a different kind of leader. No I am not being sunshine and roses but I want to hold onto a thread of hope for change. Before now Trump never had to care what people thought of him, this is different and the test will be if he can change to meet the new demand.

A really long time ago I was in an Army field exercise and I was prepping the leadership for interviews with the media. I was in an Infantry unit so the whole female thing was well, pretty clear. I went to each of the leaders in their turn and gave them guidance to how to ace the interview. One leader in particular, lets just call him LTC had a particular hatred for women. When I showed up to prep him I listened to his tirade about how inadequate I was, what an imbecile I was and how if I really wanted to serve my country I should be home in my kitchen barefoot and pregnant making dinner for my husband. Yes he said those words to my face, can you even imagine what he said behind my back? I simply smiled and walked away.

He failed his interview with all the style which comes from ignorance. I knew he failed and did my very best not to gloat to others or even mention it. LTC then had to face the leadership, you know the ones I had prepped and had done well? Yep he had to face them and explain why he did so poorly. For the first time EVER he was confronted on how his approach, his beliefs and his stereotypes not only hurt him but hurt the entire unit. Because of his actions, the entire unit took a hit. Yep he suddenly realized he needed to sing a different song even if he did not believe it.

Whenever I think of Trump I think of LTC, nope he never apologized for his appalling treatment of me but it wasn’t about me in particular, it was about the good of the unit and some good did come. OK yes I can tell you I think Trump is a hot mess but I will remain hopeful he gets a groomer to help him mature in his leadership style. The other thing I am going to do is pray. I will pray for him and all of the country. Please don’t let anyone do something stupid, he does after all have a wife and children. Please give him guidance and wisdom throughout his term so he can make solid decisions. Please help America, we need the government to work for us.


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