How Can I Nominate for an Oscar

Yikes when it rains it pours around here…..oh my oh my. I dropped N off at the middle school for her two hours of her individual instruction since Questar had not called. As I am driving back, I think yep I want a hot tea and stop at a local shop. When I get out of the store I see that the school district has called. I assume that it is finally Questar as I listen to the message. It is the principal at M1’s school please call we are concerned about your daughter.

I try to contain my anger and rage but unfortunately I am not super successful. I call him back and he tells met that M1 told friends, who told him, that M1 had taken a bunch of medications that were not hers. She was now in the nurse’s office and was sluggish, slow to respond, confused and very dizzy. OMG I am going to loose my sh** why on earth did she not use all this acting last year in drama class!?!?!?!?! I have to come immediately as they think it might be a medical emergency. Really, I am thinking, well then you are negligent for not calling an ambulance.

I get to the school and am greeted at the door by the counselor. He walks me to the nurse’s office where I see my darling pumpkin sitting on the chair looking the part as described. Well I don’t want to brag but…..soon as I walked in she started cursing swearing and yelling at all the staff…hmm…tell me again about lethargic? When confronted by what she told her friends, the nurse, the counselor and the principal in front of me suddenly the story changed. Suddenly none of it happened….holy crap I am magic!!!! WOW the rage on the principal’s face and the devastation by the others who truly wanted to help her.

I ask her where she took the meds, when and how. She swears up and down it was all a lie from her friends. The principal and company point out how her story changed now that I was present. So I said to her..well why don’t you tell everyone present why your scenario could never have happened? She curses at me so I looked at them all and said “Fun fact, hey M1 where do I store all medications? Would that be in the LOCKED cabinet with the key that I have on MY PERSON at all times?” She tells me to shut up and I am pretty sure that the principal and counselor were going to fall out of their chairs. Well well what would the outcome of this be I wondered to myself, knowing full well that the rage on the principal’s face would not go toward leniency.

She gets three days suspension for “being under the influence of some substance” I clarify she is on an antidepressant and that was the only drug she was “under” The nurse states that she looked up all the side effects of her medication and none of it matches. She is under the influence and cannot return to school, they suggest I take her for a drug test. M1 loses her crap and well I wanted to as well. This was crap she was not taking drugs, she is not under the influence and you are just sick of dealing with her (believe me I get it I am done too!!!!). I tell M1 to go to the car because well, I don’t disagree with authority in front of her. I know why they are doing this but still its bull….

She leaves and I look at the principal and say “I need to be clear. I understand your rage and upset at her. I disagree however with what you are saying. I know for fact she is not using drugs. I am sorry that she played you all and I will NOT negate your punishment however please know that you are incorrect, my child is not on illegal drugs. She is on what the NP prescribed.” I looked at the nurse and said “She is on Lexapro, all that you described is in fact a side effect. I highly doubt she gave you the correct name as the antidepressant I am on is Zoloft and more common.” I then looked at the counselor and told him “I am sorry, really I am but this is what I live every day and while I am embarrassed you had to see it I am glad you can see that it isn’t me.” I walked out and attempted to calm myself down before dealing with my kid.

We don’t talk for two hours because quite honestly I was too peeved. We have a long conversation on the way up to my doctor appointment where I explain why she has to make changes. I talk to her about how to do it and about the need for her to stop listening to all the negative crap she tells herself. Yeah I know easier said then done but someone had to say it to her. I want to strangle her, I really do but of course I know there is no point. Better news, the appointment was with my counselor so I talked out my overwhelming urges to hit her and yes we resolve it quietly and without any actual contact being made.

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