Christmas Time

Christmas time came and went and we had a ton of firsts and excitement. On Christmas eve we baked cookies. M1 had never on her own made up cookie dough and N had never actually stamped out sugar cookies before. Both did well and yes I took charge of baking because, well that is annoying so yeah we let them have fun. We did oatmeal raisin cookies (M2 and I), sugar cookies (M1 and N) and peanut butter cookies (all). The kids laughed and had a ton of fun making a mess, I mean cookies.

We go to service on Christmas Eve and M1 and M2 had signed up to be ushers. I had signed up to be a lector so it was a family affair. Well we get to the church and the sexton greets me and asks if we can light the Advent wreath since we were the only  “whole family” there. OK sure whatever then N will have something to do. The girls hand out bulletins and I run to the bathroom, on the way back the Deacon stops me “Hey look I hate to do this to you but can you bring up the offerings too?” Ummm sure guess this will be service by the ANYM family. The Rector finds out what is going on and says “Well then is there anything you guys aren’t doing?” I said “Yep the sermon that’s all you.” and he laughed. N had never been to a 10pm service before and thought the candle light portion was “awesome”. We got home around 11:30pm and I shuttled the kids off to bed. After all Santa had to come before I fell asleep.

Christmas morning started at 7am with M2 putting her face about 4 inches from mine and going “Mom are you up, Merry Christmas” ugg well I am now. Downstairs I went barely awake and the carnage began…I mean present opening.


See what I mean it was a mess. During the present unwrapping I heard N say “Wow this is the best Christmas ever, even when I was living with my family.” It was bittersweet to hear this because yes I was happy I made it happen but wow you are fourteen so why did it take this long?” Her favorite presents were a Baby Alive and the iPod shuffle. M2 also got a shuffle and she was quite happy. M1 well she got a pair of refurbished Beats headphones because this Santa can’t afford new ones. All of them were happy and laughing. We made the dinner and my BFF came over and more presents were had. Finally around 8 M2 and N decided it was bedtime. M1 had long since fallen asleep so I tucked them in and called it a night.

I would definitely call it a success but dang it was tiring. At least this time I had done the wrapping before the 10pm service. I am glad we are making new memories for her and of course having a ton of firsts. I hope everyone reading has or had a wonderful holiday.

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