Score one for worst Mom of the Year

The winter dance was on Saturday and me the worst Mom of the Year did not let my kid go. Let me tell you how it unraveled….

Wednesday I get an email at work “Can I go to the dance?” from M1. I ignore it I am at work and it is not life or death or illness. Two more emails come in same question. I ignore those as well I mean WTF. I go to pick herself up after school and she greets me with a crap load of attitude. She snaps “Well can I go to the dance or not?!?!” Umm can’t print what I actually thought. So I said lets figure this one out.

  1. Two months ago you wrote a list of things you would do for me if I let you go to your boyfriends house. You did nothing on the list and despite my numerous prompts refused to do what you promised me you would do. You then threw the list away.
  2. You lied for over 8 weeks about having a phone. Even when I pulled it out for you and showed it to you, you chose to lie and tell me it is not a phone. In fact the teachers, the babysitters and my BFF have all seen you with a phone yet you told me you did not have a phone AND that you gave it back. You are now changing your story because you think “being honest with me” is going to change the weeks of lies you told me.
  3. You have not done the garbage in over a month. You required multiple prompts to do anything with the garbage and are content to leave it in the house until I demand you bring it outside. You have not in two months brought the garbage to the road like you are supposed to, even when I tell you to do it.
  4. You are failing every single subject. You lied about getting help and turning in homework. You used your time in labs to harass another student requiring me to get the principal involved and now have your computer privileges suspended for harassment of students.
  5. You have done no laundry without constant reminders from putting it in, switching it over, folding it AND putting it away. None of it was done if you did not get prompts throughout the period. In fact in the last two weeks you have done NO laundry because I refused to remind you to do something you are supposed to do every Monday.

She asked me about 8 times on Wednesday night and when I told her that she needed to do what she said she would first, she again refused. I reminded her about her clothes she refused to wash them. Fine whatever. Next day no less then 8 emails “Can I go to the dance?” I email her back, what have you done to earn it? I have plans and am not changing them for you and your entire lack of effort. OK no more emails..thank goodness. I pick her up and immediately starts. “Look my boyfriends’ Mom said she can bring us so you don’t have to. Please let me go.” I again reiterate she did NOTHING she said she would so no I was not going to allow it.

Well M1 screams holy hell like a madman and runs out of the house. I am so mad I don’t even care but crap its dark and no I don’t want her to get hit by a car. She is down by the pond screaming at me how I don’t care. Ok are right, you failed to keep your word and it is my fault you can’t go to the dance. Yes I prompted you many many times and you ignored me over and over and over again. Sure its my fault I do not care.

Friday two more emails and a phone call. She screams at me on the phone in the principals office. Not smart kiddo now they see the struggle I have with you. Scream and screams some more so I hang up. She sends more emails. Nope just delete them don’t even read them. I pick her up that night and she is silent. Then about 1 hour into the drive to get N she starts again so it is time to shut her down. “Look, you are simply trying to bully me to get your way. You are not going because of your own actions and refusal to keep your word. Trying to bully me will get you no where because I am not about to give in at this point. I advise you to give it up.” More angry glares but then silence, thank goodness.

Saturday the dance day we were busy. She got sullen around the dance time and I reminded her yet again that taking her anger at her poor choices out on us is not really intelligent. N is confused of course M1 told her I was just being a b****….um yeah that is it I am one of those…..grrrrrr…

Oh well off to write my acceptance speech for when I win worst mother of the year.

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