10 Days of N time

OK well there were bumps nothing major just a few defiance issues regarding hygiene.

The positives way outweighed the bumps though so no worries. Lets see, I told you Thanksgiving so here is the rest.
– She got to meet my boss when I had to work in the office and had no child care because of the surprise extra days. Everyone there loved her to pieces!!! She was very well behaved and watched movies and colored. I also slid some math in there to make it more efficient.
-She met D and M (our sitters) and got to go to a movie with them and the girls on Friday so I could do some work without completely ignoring her. They saw Fantastic Beasts.
– She learned that reading is a requirement for me. Yes I MADE her read various items that she needed such as a menu, the sign and an email from her WWK worker. At first she resisted but when she realized I was not going to budge she did sound it out, I did help and then praised her for her efforts and getting it right.
-She learned there are consequences for not listening.  I told her no movies and she went and asked M1 for her iPod to watch them .grrrrr. She had to go to bed early and no problem with it after that. (I said if you are not going to listen you must be tired. All right off to bed I will tuck you in.)
-She learned hygiene is not optional, television is. Boy she grumbled about that but did comply in the end LOL. Ugg I was not sure that I could breathe at one point when I went downstairs only to find out she had not been using the soap we bought because she did not know where the bath poofs were…sigh..lessons learned.
-She got to talk to my youngest brother on the phone. She told him that I was fun “once you go to know me”. My brother laughed at that statement when I got the phone back. No he did not laugh at N, he knows better. He said to me “Well what the first 12 years of my life were not enough? Maybe if you had not pushed me down the stairs (I had) I would know that side of you (between laughs).” So I laughed and said to him “Well maybe if you had not taken all my perfume mixed it together and put it back into the bottles (he had)….” Well the kids just about died laughing because there I was “fighting” with my brother.
-She likes motor cross as much as we do. We sat mesmerized for a 3 hour show and didn’t even leave to go to the bathroom. Yep we had earplugs because we were down front and it was loud.
-She also likes water parks as much as we do. We went to one on the last two days together. It had an outdoor/indoor pool and we were literally swimming in the snow. It was heated to 85 degrees so we did NOT freeze.
-She made the family English muffin pizzas for lunch by herself (closely supervised) and helped with many meals. She, like me, loved to cook and did a great job following the directions given. She asked a TON of questions too so hopefully she accidentally learned something.
Sooooo first steps at being a real family. I am so excited and guess what????
Tomorrow she finds out her move in day is 12/23/16.

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  1. So glad the visit went well. So exciting for you all to have N move so soon.
    Are M1 and M2 happy about N moving in or do you anticipate some issues with them.

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