Thanksgiving Firsts


So today was a day of firsts for Miss N. We started off by watching the Macy’s day parade. She has never seen the parade before and looked in awe as we explained we sometimes go to see it in real life. We tried to explain how big the balloons were and she clearly did not get the concept, oh well. Next year we will go down to see it for real and then she can see just how big they really are.



As you can see the feast for today is above. Miss N had NEVER seen such a meal prepared, well all your life in an institution I would guess not. She helped make the spinach salad and the stuffing. She was willing to do whatever was needed to help out and even clean up afterwards. We had 8 things on the menu 5 were new to her and she tried them all.

Went sledding again to get up and moving. We spend over an hour up and down the hill. Everyone was soaked when we were done. Lots of fun and only one small accident when M2 crashed into my BFF. Well all right it was a bit dark we should have stopped I imagine. Oh well that is what these tests are for.

She called her Grandma before bed and was happy to talk to her for a little while. She really missed her family and was a bit upset when Grandma told her she spent dinner with the family. Hmmm maybe I should have thought that out better.

Off to bed and fast asleep 10 minutes, yep planned that just right.

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