Winter Wonderland

OK so I had N this weekend and on Sunday I called them and asked if all was well as I saw they were predicted to get lake effect snow. For all who do not know lake effect snow is serious don’t even try to drive snow. They said they were fine, no snow….weird…here was my view…

Well all right off we go and as we drive there is literally no snow on the ground. OK overly cautious on my part. We get to the first rest stop and my phone rings, it is the agency, they are grounded sorry but can you turn around. Umm sure but two hours ago did I not ask you this exact question? Oh well around we go and N is super excited.

Today I call to find out the plan. I only have enough meds for today. They are still grounded not traveling today either. Sigh…I send them the pharmacy information and let go to higher power this one. Now N was at work so we left a bit early and headed home. See the yard above perfect sledding weather!!!

Grabbed the kids, we changed and sledding we went. N had never been sledding so M2 was more than happy to show her how to do it. She had a blast. I got the best photo of her but full face shot sooo no not for you guys but here she is



She was so thrilled and went down so many times I cannot even count. It then  got way too cold so we went in and took hot showers and I made dinner. She had an absolute blast and I felt sad to think wow at 14 this is your first time????

Ate dinner and put them to bed way too tired. They were so happy they went right to sleep.


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