Lies Falling Like Leaves

Sooooo today I took the three girls to Kicker Arena Cross. If you have no idea what that is, it is dirt bike and quad racing. Yep my inner country was showing. See proof I really go there.


So at some point M1 asks if she can go to the bathroom. I look at her and see in her front pocket something fairly large. I ask what it is and she says “Its my iPod” OK look I am stupid but not that stupid your iPod is about four inches big and this is clearly six inches or more. I say nothing. She goes and returns and sits back down. I look at the pocket and shoot her a look. Halfway through the show she leans down and says “What I didn’t do anything.” Umm yeah all right whateves, the quads are racing leave me alone.

We go to leave and she books ahead of me, yep classic I am guilty behavior. I ignore it and walk to the van. I ask her one more time what is in your pocket. She again said “My iPod”. Clearly I was not going to get anywhere and my friend looked at me and said “She is lying right?” I laughed and said “yep”

We get to the house and I stop here mid way to her room. I reach in and grab the phone out of her pocket and put it on the table. She looks at me and says “Its and iPod” umm no sweety its an iPhone and I was born at night not last night. She gets MAD and yells “It’s a f*** iPod!!!” I laughed out loud, ummm no it is a phone. Finally she says “Well all I ever do is listen to music on it” I laugh again and say “Yeah I don’t care. Go ahead run up some other parent’s bill and let them get mad at you. See you keep burning bridges and when you burn out all your friends parents I am not sure what you are going to do.”

Her 10 minute tirad about how I never believe her goes on for what feels like an eternity. I look at her and say “Look you had it in front of your face and still you chose to lie to me. You chose to say that it was your iPod when it clearly is not.” She goes on and on about how I never trust her and I never believe her. Nope no part of this is accepting that she lied to me about what she had in her pocket. She then went on about how since all she did was listen to music it should not be a problem. Yeah ok kiddo what you did was lie and tell me multiple times that it was your iPod when clearly it was a phone.

Uggg I swear the lying gets to me each day. I hear in my mind her saying “Oh I am going to be good for C** and his Mom” OK see this is the opposite of good, this is bad. See you lying, taking his phone and then pretending no one is smart enough to know that you are not a truthful person…yeah delusional hope she grows out of this nonsense.

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