Reality and Fun

So in the midst of all the excitement of course I have to do a grade check and you got it M1 is failing most of her courses. After cursing, yelling and threatening me I told her from here out we do it together. I expected more hatred but it was not too bad. Tonight we sat on the couch and discussed her assignment. She had to form some opinions and we talked a bit about her choices, nope I did not argue it I just asked her why she thought this or that. Yep we got it done with minimal complaints….grrr I am repeating 11th grade I can feel it. Oh well if she does not graduate she might drop out entirely maybe I should put more work into this. The funny part of the whole thing is that when I asked her why she was not doing her work she blamed her boyfriends mother. Yep you heard that right, her boyfriends mother so I inquired how she was causing her to make poor choices and she said “Well she is trying to get him to break up with me.” OK if any of my readers can translate this to common sense please please let me know because it defies logic. The only logic I can draw is it causes her emotions which she focuses on instead of doing her work. Yeah I got not much and I could be off completely.

Anyway can’t dwell it makes me too frustrated. So I did finally hear back from N’s crew and we are a go for overnights every weekend from Fri to Sun. All Thanksgiving week and move in during winter break!!! I had about a half a million questions which is par for the course. Oh well I would rather ask than screw it up. Soooo I went out today and stocked up on basics, body wash, deodorant, shampoo conditioner you know the things we will go through like it is our job with three girls. Yes also lady things because well it is necessary. Thank goodness for coupons and sales!! Also thank goodness I belong to a wholesale club.

So now I attempt to  keep it cool while waiting for Friday to get here so I can go out and get her for the weekend!!! I cannot wait!!!!

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  1. There is no explanation for teenage logic. There is, however, an explanation for why you are joining back in the 11th grade and stocking up on girl toiletries like it’s Y2K. That explanation would be that you are a GOOD MOM!!! Have fun this weekend.

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